Winner of Bestek 200W Cupholder Power Inverter

Bestek 200 watt cupholder power inverter
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We recently reviewed the Bestek 200 Watt car cupholder power inverter. I love that it has a compact design that offers 2 AC and 2 USB plug so you can power multiple devices. We held a sweepstakes contest where one lucky reader won their very own Bestek device. Here is the winner.

Bestek 200 Watt Cupholder Power Inverter

The Bestek 200 Watt cupholder power inverter is a compact device that packs a lot of power. It can charge up to 4 devices at once, such as your phone, tablet, laptop, or drone.

Click here for our complete review of the Bestek 200 watt cupholder power inverter. Or, if you need more power, here’s our review of the Bestek 300 watt power inverter.

You can buy them from Bestek Mall directly or Amazon for around $30 each.

Winner of 200 Watt Cupholder Power Inverter

To enter to win the sweepstakes, we asked readers to comment either:

  • How do they keep their devices charged while driving? or
  • What’s their favorite road trip accessory?

We had a lot of great responses. I encourage you to check them out. But the winner was Chris who said:

I keep devices charged with a 3 way 12 Volt to USB adapter. It has 2 x 2 Amp ports and 1 x 1 Amp port.

Chris’ approach is really popular because those plugin devices are so cheap and easy to use. The problem with them is that they can overheat and don’t protect your devices.

So, we’re happy to send Chris a Bestek 200 watt cupholder power inverter. It will arrive directly from Amazon.

The Bald Thoughts

We love hooking up our readers with free swag whenever we can. Partnerships with good companies like Bestek make it possible. We’ll always tell you are honest opinions of the products because we don’t want you spending hard-earned money on things that aren’t worth the investment.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the sweepstakes. We look forward to bringing you more opportunities to contribute and win cool prizes.


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