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Unbound Merino travel dress with suitcase
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When traveling, I want to look and feel good no matter which destination we’re headed to. Whether you’re at the airport, on a plane, taking the train or driving, the weather can change quickly. You have to be ready for anything, and dressing in layers helps you adapt quickly while still looking like a million dollars. Anna and I love Unbound Merino because of its timeless style, variety of looks, luxurious comfort and moisture-wicking materials. Here are some of our favorites… and a few gift ideas I have planned for Anna’s upcoming birthday.

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What is Unbound Merino?

Unbound Merino is a travel clothing company that specializes in sustainably sourced Merino wool clothing and accessories for men and women. This naturally antibacterial clothing is moisture-wicking and requires less washing, so you can stay dry, clean and fresh while on vacation. Plus, it regulates your temperature and doesn’t wrinkle, so it is perfect for any travel situation.

The company was founded by three lifelong friends who traveled the U.S. following their favorite bands. They set out to create travel clothing that looked great whether you’re eating at a restaurant, touring a museum, attending a concert or exploring a new city. Since the clothing naturally minimizes odors and avoids wrinkles, you can take it anywhere… especially on long vacations where you may not have access to laundry.

Unbound Merino clothing for men

The company offers numerous clothing options for men, including t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, button-ups and more. These items come in a variety of sizes and colors, so they can match anyone’s personal style. Here are a few of my favorites.

Long sleeve Merino crew

The long-sleeve Merino crew is ultralight and incredibly warm. This way, you can stay warm without wearing bulky clothing. Unbound Merino took all of the benefits of its luxurious t-shirts and made them into a long-sleeve shirt that’s perfect for traveling. It’s available in 9 different colors, with sizes ranging from small to XXL.

Unbound Merino long sleeve crew

Compact travel hoodie

I absolutely LOVE hoodies. I wear them every chance I get, and it is rare for me to travel without at least one. The Unbound Merino compact travel hoodie is my choice for the best lightweight travel hoodie because it is light and breathable. This hoodie easily regulates temperatures, so you don’t get chilly during flights. It has a sleek, timeless, and minimalist design with seamless pockets and a matte-black pull tab. The travel hoodie comes in five colors in small to XXL. You can also save $40 when buying a two-pack!

Unbound Merino hoodie
The best lightweight travel hoodie is from Unbound Merino.

Merino polo

The Merino polo is an excellent choice for occasions when you need to dress up without putting on a tie. It features a classic style that works well for office casual, hitting the golf course, or meeting friends for happy hour. If you’re like me, it also looks great on date night with your spouse. These polos come in five colors and sizes ranging from small to XXL.

Unbound Merino polo

Unbound Merino clothing for women

With my wife’s birthday coming up, there are several pieces from Unbound Merino that I’m excited to get for her. She loves to dress stylishly, but it’s important for her to stay comfortable throughout our travels. Anna also tends to get chilly easily, so dressing in layers or wearing Merino wool clothing is ideal for her.

Merino rib tank

Anna loves wearing tank tops to layer and express her style. The women’s Merino rib tank is an all-season staple for a close fit with 5% spandex for an added stretch to fit all of your curves. It features a slim silhouette, so it’s easy to layer without extra bulk. Plus, Merino wool’s antibacterial properties mean minimal washing and fast-drying material. These rib tanks are available in black or espresso in extra-small to XL.

Unbound Merino rib tank

Merino travel dress

The little black dress is an essential clothing item to pack whenever you travel. You never know when you’ll be invited to a party, fancy event or luxury dining experience. The women’s Merino travel dress helps ladies seamlessly transition from daytime exploring to nighttime adventures. It features comfort, versatility and performance that women love to mix and match to extend their wardrobe. Merino wool is casual and versatile and requires less washing, so it’s perfect for long vacations, overnight trips, and everything in between. This travel dress is available in seven colors in sizes from extra small to XL.

Unbound Merino travel dress

Lightweight travel shorts

It’s springtime, and summer is just around the corner. These lightweight travel shorts from Unbound Merino are made from comfortable, crease-resistant Merino wool. They feature Italian-made fabric with superior stretch recovery, which makes them super comfortable during long days of travel or exploring the city. Each pair of shorts also includes two functional pockets to keep your personal items secure whether you’re walking, sitting or running to catch your flight. Currently, these shorts are only available in black in sizes extra small to XL.

Unbound Merino lightweight travel shorts

Save more with bundles

For budget-conscious travelers, higher-end clothing can be a bit expensive for your wallet. One of the ways that I justify paying higher prices is knowing that I’m buying quality clothing that will last for many years. While you can find super cheap travel clothing, it is often just that… cheap. They don’t last long, and you find yourself spending even more in the long run to replace items that wear out quickly.

Luckily, Unbound Merino offers free shipping on U.S. orders and discounts on bundles when using this link.

Bundles are an excellent way to save on Unbound Merino clothing. These bundles put the company’s stylist’s skills to work by selecting pieces and colors that complement each other.

There are many bundles to choose from, including:

  • 3-pack of Merino t-shirts
  • Hoodie and T-shirt bundle
  • Merino t-shirt, underwear and socks
  • Travel pants and T-shirt bundle

The bottom line about Unbound Merino

When traveling, there’s no reason you should be uncomfortable because you wore the wrong clothing. Unbound Merino’s lineup of clothing helps you dress in layers so you can stay comfortable and cool while also looking your best. Many of these button-ups, polos and dresses can easily transition from a day of exploring to a night on the town at a fancy restaurant or popular club. And I love how they are wrinkle-resistant, anti-odor and fast-drying, which helps to cut down on how much you need to pack for your trip.

Do you wear Merino wool clothing when you travel?


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