AwardMagic – Award Booking Service

We all work really, really hard to earn our airline miles, but finding the award redemption we want can sometimes be a huge hassle with airlines implementing so many rules to discourage us from using our miles on our dream trips.

To fix all that, we developed a relationship with AwardMagic to help you redeem your miles for an affordable price.  Rather than waste your time and get frustrated when you can’t find what you’re looking for, for a small fee, AwardMagic will provide you with a flight itinerary to meet your needs.

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My experience with AwardMagic

I wanted to take Anna on a romantic Italy holiday without the kids.  I had 200,000 American AAdvantage miles to spend on our flight, but couldn’t find an itinerary that worked for us.  Most of the flight options wanted to route us through London Heathrow, which is LOADED with taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges.

Excuse the screen shot… I snapped it after AA updated their award chart

When I tried booking, the cash for taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges was over $1,000 PER PERSON!  For Anna and me, if I would have booked the trip myself, it would have cost 200,000 miles and $2,000!!!

Using AwardMagic to book my flight, they not only saved me a ton of money (about $1200 in savings = $850 total out of pocket, including their fees, vs. over $2,000 if I had booked it myself), I also received a more direct route from LA to Rome, but was also able to add on Domestic First Class legs for free so we could drop off the kids at Grandma’s house to have some alone time on this wonderful vacation with my wife.


How to use AwardMagic to book your flight with miles

It is super simple… in fact, you can actually complete your request right here in the form below!

Their fees are really affordable and totally worth it if you are having trouble booking your award tickets on your own.  Most itineraries are just $159 per person.

There’s a $25 non-refundable fee to compensate their time for the search, but there is no charge for the rest of their service unless they find you an acceptable booking.

In a nutshell, you tell AwardMagic where you want to fly to/from, on which dates, in which cabin (Economy, Business, First), and what miles you want to use.  Once you give the go-ahead, they’ll even book the flights for you!

Pretty simple huh?

If you want more information, head over to AwardMagic and poke around to understand the process better.  Otherwise, complete the form below and someone will be back to you shortly with a proposed itinerary.  Happy travels!

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