The 3 Travel Hoodies I Can’t Live Without

Best Travel Hoodies
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I love wearing hoodies, whether traveling the globe or just hanging out at home. While many hoodies are pretty basic, travel hoodies include special features to add extra comfort, include hidden pockets or are easy to pack. These are the best travel hoodies in my closet… and each fits a unique spot in my suitcase. And you can find me packing at least one of these hoodies on every trip I take.

What is a travel hoodie?

Travel hoodies function like normal hoodies to keep you warm and cozy. But they also have special features geared towards travelers. This might include hidden pockets, moisture-wicking materials, or lightweight, stretchy fabrics. The ability to dry quickly and control moisture ensures that you stay comfortable in all sorts of climates.

The best travel hoodies

Best travel hoodie for comfort: Mackenzie & Park 48H Go

  • Website:
  • Price: $84 (sign up for emails and get 15% off)
  • Colors: Black, beige, purple, blue and grey
  • Sizes: Small to XX-Large

Vacations are all about having a great time and relaxing. One of the best ways to relax on the plane, in the airport or at your destination is to wear a comfortable hoodie. The Mackenzie & Park 48H Go travel hoodie is so soft and comfy that I can sleep almost anywhere… even in Economy.

The 48H travel hoodie is made with 94% Pima cotton and 6% Lycra for an ultra-soft feel with a 4-way stretch. It features an extra large hood, thumb holes in the sleeves and a high collar zipper to stay warm in any weather. The 48H Go is the best travel hoodie with hidden pockets. They are zippered and feature a hidden media pocket that protects your tech from sticky fingers.

Mackenzie & Park travel hoodies are available in five sizes, from Small to XX-Large. The best men’s travel hoodie comes in five colors: Jet Black, Oatmeal Heather, Potent Purple, Blue Heaven, and Med Grey Heather.

Mackenzie and Park 48H Go best travel hoodie
The Mackenzie and Park 48H Go is the best travel hoodie for comfort.

For the ultimate comfort, pick up a pair of Mackenzie & Park briefs, trunks, or boxer briefs. They keep you feeling good with ultra-soft fabrics made of 90% Modal and 10% Lycra for a 4-way stretch. I have a few pairs of their boxer briefs, but I’ll save your eyes from seeing pictures of me wearing them. HAHAHA! The undies also feature an extra soft waistband that won’t roll, flatlock stitching that won’t itch, and a tagless label for added comfort.

Mackenzie & Park also offers a variety of short and long-sleeve crew neck and v-neck t-shirts in various colors and styles.

Best lightweight travel hoodie: Unbound Merino

  • Website: (affiliate link)
  • Price: $160
  • Colors: Black, charcoal, navy, oxblood or brushed charcoal
  • Sizes: Small to XX-Large

While I love wearing hoodies, sometimes I don’t want one that’s so bulky. Unbound Merino travel hoodies are made with superfine Merino wool (21.5 microns), which offers a luxurious feel that’s lighter and warmer than a traditional cotton hoodie.

This natural fabric dries really fast, never smells, and wicks moisture, making it the perfect travel companion for any adventure. Its compact size fits any carry-on, backpack or checked bag. This is the best lightweight travel hoodie around. Unbound Merino keeps it straight and simple with seamless pockets and a normal-sized hoodie to keep it compact and lightweight.

Unbound Merino hoodie
The best lightweight travel hoodie is from Unbound Merino.

Unbound Merino travel clothing offers styles for both men and women. Men can shop for boxer briefs, short and long-sleeve shirts, polos, and beanies in various colors. Women’s styles include tank tops, short and long-sleeve shirts, leggings, pants, shorts, and a dress. There’s also a quarter zip pullover and a cashmere cardigan for the ladies.

Best portable travel hoodie: Loungaroo High-Tech Hoodie

  • Website:
  • Price: $79.99
  • Colors: Black, navy or grey
  • Sizes: Small to XX-Large

I’ve had the Loungaroo High Tech Hoodie for several years, and I love how it transforms from a full-size hoodie into a multi-function travel pillow the size of a book. It is the best hoodie for air travel because it is easy to pack and stays useful when you’re not wearing it.

The Loungaroo High Tech Hoodie is designed for active travelers. It’s made from a polyester spandex material with a plush inside to stay warm and be wind-resistant. The hoodie features thumb cuffs and an extra long and double-lined hood to protect you against cold weather… and to help you catch some Zzzzz’s in the lounge or on your flight.

Loungaroo High Tech Hoodie
The Loungaroo High Tech Hoodie is the best portable travel hoodie. Look how small it folds and turns into a pillow!

To help travelers get even more sleep, Loungaroo also offers a travel blanket. The Loungaroo Blanket is made from a soft polyester spandex fabric with an anti-microbial finish. It can cover you from head to toe and includes a foot pouch and optional hood for complete coverage. The hidden kangaroo storage pouch can hold your valuables while you sleep and has a wire hole for anyone still using wired headphones. When you’re not using the blanket, you can stuff it into the pouch and use it as a pillow.

The Bald Thoughts about the best travel hoodies

The best travel hoodies keep you looking good while staying warm wherever you go. They include special features to protect your valuables, make it easier to sleep, and avoid smells when you’re away from home. I love how each of these hoodies has unique features to complete my wardrobe while staying functional. And, of course, I’m super happy to wear them when Anna is around because she wants to cuddle even more than usual.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best hoodie to wear on a plane?

Hoodies with stretchable lycra or natural wool are the best travel hoodies to wear on a plane. Lycra provides extra stretch when moving around the cabin, airport, or lounge. Wool is nature’s wonder fabric that reduces smells and wicks moisture away. Both materials are also very lightweight, so you won’t feel heavy to wear or while carrying them in your bag.

What hoodies are in style 2023?

Styles change throughout the year, but oversized hoodies are always in style. They provide extra protection when it’s cold and can block out the light when you’re trying to sleep. In 2023, many travelers are embracing the cozy and relaxed vibes with oversized hoodies. Plus, they want to make a bold statement with bright colors and patterns beyond the traditional black hoodies. Consider elevating your hoodie game with embroidered details like your favorite airport code, airline, or elite status.

Are hoodies allowed through TSA?

You can wear hoodies through the TSA PreCheck airport security lines. However, the hoodie must be metal-free since you still must go through a metal detector. If you don’t have Global Entry or TSA PreCheck access, you must remove your hoodie when going through airport security.


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