Staypineapple Hotel Review: My Favorite Boutique Hotel in San Francisco

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The Staypineapple Hotel in San Francisco is a MUST stay for a unique experience. I stayed at this Pineapple Hospitality Group property for work back in December 2016 and loved their approach. When it was time to go back to San Francisco for a conference, I just HAD to come back. The staff was kind enough to invite us back for a complimentary weekend!

The Staypineapple Hotel Review – Pineapple Hospitality Group

Owned by the Pineapple Hospitality Group based out of Seattle, the Staypineapple Hotel is one of nine properties in their portfolio. With properties in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Chicago, and Boston, each one has their own special experience to the city.

The unique branding geared towards millennials makes for such an interesting experience. I love how the hotel is extremely dog-friendly. And you can quench your thirst with local coffee ready to go in the morning, pineapple infused water available 24/7, and daily happy hours to mingle with other guests. Lastly, I can’t leave out the famous “Naked Experience” that Pineapple hotels are known for.

the alise hotel
The Staypineapple Hotel is gorgeous from the street!

The Staypineapple Hotel – The “Naked Experience”

The Naked Experience is the Pineapple Hospitality Group’s specialty. I can attest that this is the BEST PRODUCT for an in-room experience.

So what exactly is it?

When you enter your room, you should feel empowered to be as comfortable as possible. For many people, it is taking off your business pants and jacket, and changing into something more comfortable for lounging. Many hotel brands have very stiff accommodations, but the Pineapple hotels do an incredible job of making you cozy. This video does a great job of showing it off!

And yes, the bed, robe, and slippers are THAT comfortable!

The Staypineapple Hotel – My Celebrity King Room

The Celebrity King room is such a unique experience. This room is perfect for a business trip or romantic weekend in the city. With the typical amenities such as a mini-fridge (that is actually usable!), closet, dresser, and flat screen TV, this room goes a bit beyond that!

the alise hotel
The Celebrity King Room is the BEST!

This room has an extremely elegant bathroom that also continues the “Naked Experience”. With plush robes, slippers (that you can take home!), extremely soft bathroom towels, and Tommy Bahama toiletries, no detail goes by the wayside.

the alise hotel
This bathroom is snug, but doesn’t lack in luxury!

Because this is San Francisco, the room is much smaller than a standard hotel room in most cities. But the luxury and experience are unmatched!

One of my favorite room features is the STREAMPINEAPPLE. Hotels are beginning to recognize we don’t want to stop watching our content of choice. With STREAMPINEAPPLE, you are able to connect your personal device to stream your favorite shows. This was awesome – I got to watch my own show that wasn’t on their network!

To stay hydrated, there is unlimited bottled water and in-room coffee, which is great for those on the go! Compare that to other hotels that want to charge you $3 (or more) for a dinky water bottle inside your room.

The Staypineapple Hotel – Location

The other reason for wanting to stay at The Staypineapple Hotel is the great location!

It is about 5 minutes walking distance from Union Square. The Staypineapple Hotel is right in the middle of the action! Being only minutes away from great shopping, dining, and entertainment is extremely convenient.

And, if you feel like taking a stroll through the city, their branded beach cruisers are free to use! Just reserve ahead of time.

the alise hotel

The Staypineapple Hotel – Other Awesome Perks!

As I mentioned before, this hotel caters towards an experience-focused audience. With daily happy hours, delicious pineapple cupcakes every day, and cocktail hours, this is a full circle experience, rather than just a bed to sleep in.

The alise hotel
These pineapple cupcakes are SO GOOD!

How to pay for The Staypineapple Hotel

Because Pineapple Hospitality is a boutique hotel brand, they don’t (yet) have their own co-branded credit card. To pay for your room, I would use a credit card like the Capital One Venture Card, Discover it Miles, or the Barclays Arrival Plus.

These travel credit cards are awesome because you can book any hotel or flight without worrying about blackout dates or complicated award programs. Simply book your room or ticket, then use your points to offset the charges on your bill.

With each of these credit cards, you can receive a pretty substantial sign-up bonus that can pay for all (or at least some) of your hotel stay. Click on one of the links to find out more.

The Bald Thoughts

The Pineapple Hospitality Group is doing things differently, and it is a refreshing experience. Their personal touch reminds me of why Lee loves Kimpton Hotels so much (before they were bought by IHG). Travelers often focus on large chain hotels, but boutique brands like Pineapple can provide a much more intimate and enjoyable experience.

While there is no rewards programs or points programs, The Staypineapple Hotel is an experience worth having!

And yes, there will be cheeky humor all along the way.

the alise hotel

Brett stayed at The Staypineapple Hotel courtesy of Pineapple Hospitality Group. We appreciate their generosity, but do not let this influence our reviews.


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