BOGO Biz Class Flights to Europe, Future of U.S. Air Travel, How to Clean Luggage

KLM Business Class ORD to AMS with Scarlett
With Scarlett on a KLM Business Class booked with points from Chicago to Amsterdam in August 2019.
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A Dive into the Proposals Shaping the Future of U.S. Air Travel.

Air travel is constantly changing, even if the average traveler doesn’t notice. Some of the proposed changes include capping the number of flights an airline can have at each airport, mandatory interline agreements, minimum size standards for economy seats, and requiring fare transparency. Like many ideas, the best intentions can cause other problems to pop up that are much worse. Let’s see if any of these proposals actually reach implementation.

What’s the Difference Between Business Class and First Class?

Aside from the obvious difference in price, there are numerous ways that First Class is a more opulent flying experience than Business Class. Personally, I think Business Class is just fine, and I’d rather fly a premium cabin more often vs. blowing all my rewards on a few First Class flights. What do you think?

Business Class flight home from Denmark Lee and Timothy October 2019
On a business Class flight home from Denmark with Timothy in October 2019.

BOGO business-class flights to Paris.

Travel to the City of Light with a buy-one-get-one-free deal with La Compagnie. This special deal is an excellent way to add a little romance to your relationship just in time for Valentine’s Day. You need to book by February 14th, with travel dates through the end of the year.

U.S. government advises citizens to reconsider travel to Jamaica.

Jamaica has been a popular tourist destination for generations. Unfortunately, it seems like violent crime and sexual assaults on tourists are increasing to the point where the U.S. government needs to issue warnings. Many tourists think they’re safe by staying on the resort property, but reports indicate that this strategy won’t eliminate the risk travelers can face.

How to Actually Keep Your Luggage Clean.

Travelers typically wash clothes and other items upon returning from vacation. But how often do you actually clean your luggage – inside or out? Dirt can accumulate on all surfaces, so you need to do a little maintenance now and then to keep your luggage in tip-top shape.

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