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We’re launching the We Travel There podcast. In the show, we interview local experts to uncover the hidden treasures of the city from a local’s perspective. We have a few guests lined up. But, we’d love for you to help us decide which cities to highlight first. And if you have cities or guests you’d love for us to feature, please share in the comments below.

What is the We Travel There Podcast?

We Travel There podcastThe We Travel There podcast is a weekly podcast that’s about half an hour in length. We interview locals from around the world as they share the hidden treasures of their city. We’ll go beyond the basic tourist attractions to discover the best food, drinks, and things to do from a local’s perspective.

Whether you’re using airline miles, hotel points, or cold hard cash to travel, our goal is for you to have the best experience possible when you visit these cities thanks to the insider knowledge of our guests.

We Travel There Podcast Guest Interviews

Here is a sample of the podcast guests we have lined up:

  • Atlanta: Pete from Do You Even Blog. “Downtown is secretly the cool part of town, and has been for about 18 months now.
  • Chattanooga: Nick from Mapped Out Money. “There’s parts of the city that are completely underground. Today, there’s a section of downtown where the first floor of buildings is actually the second floor.
  • Denver: Michelle from the Square State. “I love my state, am invested in helping visitors and new residents have an incredible experience here.
  • Fort Worth, Texas: Jennifer and Jim from From Home and Back. “The coolest areas of town are NOT the ones you’ll see on a Convention stop downtown but are only a $5 Uber ride away.
  • Hong Kong: Sarah from High Fiving Dollars. “I’ve been an expat for most of my life and have traveled since I was a kid.
  • Nashville: Kate from Cashville Skyline. “I’ve lived in Nashville for 10+ years and love sharing my favorite spots with visitors.
  • Philadelphia: Dom from The Short Final. “I know where all the locals get their cheesesteaks πŸ™‚ and it ain’t Pats or Genos.
  • Seattle: Jon and Ben from No Mas Coach. “Because we’re awesome, obviously!

There are many more on the list and others are applying to be a guest on the podcast. If you know of anyone that should be a guest, please have them apply or comment with their name below.

Your Vote Is Needed

Please vote for the cities you want us to feature first. If a city isn’t on the list, please comment below, and we’ll find local experts from that city to interview.

Vote for as many different cities as you like.

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You can also vote and comment in the We Travel There Podcast Community on Facebook.

We Want More Guests

We Travel There podcast microphone-2170045_1920Although we have over 20 podcast guests lined up, we’re always looking for more people who are engaging and have an interesting story to tell.

It doesn’t matter if the guest has a blog, podcast, or any other internet business. We’re looking for real people who love their city and are willing to share the best the city has to offer. As long as they have access to a good mic (sound quality is important) and an internet connection, we can make it work.

If you know of anyone that should be a guest, please have them apply or comment with their name below.

The Bald Thoughts

We’re really looking forward to this new venture! When I travel, I try to “live like a local” as much as possible. For me, that means supporting local businesses, walking & taking public transportation instead of renting a car, and rooting for the home team when we attend games. With this insider knowledge from local experts, we’ll be able to experience the communities we visit like never before.

I hope that you’ll join us and listen to a couple of episodes when we launch, then provide your honest feedback.

Stay tuned. We’re recording episodes right now. We’ll let you know when the podcast goes live so you can join us when we travel there.

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