Japan Airlines JAL First Class Sky Suite Review

JAL Airlines Cover
A $11,521 Experience
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Japan Airlines JAL First Class Sky Suite Review

I recently got back from a weekend trip from Japan. Yes, you read that correctly. I went to Japan for just two days from Los Angeles. Why? Because I saw some award availability on Japan Airlines JAL First Class and decided to go for it. At the time of booking, the First Class Sky Suite ticket was going for $11,521 after taxes and fees.

 Sakura lounge

I had a 4-hour layover in San Francisco before my flight departed. I didn’t mind as it gave me enough time to film what I needed for my vlog. After finishing my filming, I headed over to the Sakura lounge. Upon checking in at the lounge, I was escorted to a semi-private room for first class passengers. The food and beverage were limited to small bites and snacks.

Sakura Lounge SFO
Private room in the Sakura lounge

Boarding Process

I proceeded to head to my gate as my boarding time was at 3:25 pm.

Japan Airlines
JL1 777-300er

Sky Suite

I was quickly escorted to my seat by a flight attendant. The seat (2G) was wide and spacious with enough storage compartments for all of my belongings.

JAL Sky Suite
Sky Suite Overview
JAL Sky Suite Top View
Top View
JAL Sky Suite controls
Bed Controls
JAL Sky Suite Seat Controls
Seat Controls
Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones and Amenity Kit

Free Wi-Fi was provided. I didn’t capture the speed of the Wi-Fi but I was able to Facebook live stream without any lag.

Wi-Fi code

Compartment to store any briefcase or purse

a phone in a seat

A hidden section to put your shoes into if you choose to wear slippers.

a red carpet on a floor

Amenity Kit

a table with a variety of items on it
Amenity Kit
a group of bottles and a cream
Face Care Products

Food and Beverage

Japan Airlines used to serve Salon Champagne but switched back to 2009 Cristal earlier this year. Some might see it as a downgrade but the Cristal was nothing but smooth and crisp. After my 3rd meal, I decided to switch to the other champagne.

2009 Cristal Champagne
2009 Cristal Champagne
JAL Airlines 2006 Sir Winston Churchill
2006 Sir Winston Churchill

The 5-course Japanese set menu was absolutely delicious. I was surprised at the quality of fish they used. I’m glad I didn’t eat too much in the lounge beforehand because this menu set made me extremely full.

First Class Appetizer

From bottom left, Fried White Fish marinated in Vinegar Sauce, Grilled Lobster with Egg Yolk Vinegar, Egg Cake topped with Caviar, Horse Mackerel with Braised Soy Pulp and Sweet Corn Fish Cake.

JAL Airlines Japanese Menu Set
Course Two
Japan Airlines menu set
Third Course
JAL Airlines Japanese Menu
Course Four
JAL Airlines Dessert
Red Bean soup with White Mochi and Matcha sugar cake

I went ahead and got the Japanese breakfast as opposed to the Western style they had to offer. The coffee was french pressed and the flight attendant even had an hourglass to ensure the perfect time to pour into my cup. What better way to end my flight with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a waffle.

JAL Airlines Japanese Breakfast
a bowl of ice cream and a spoon on a plate
Coffee and Dessert

The Bald thoughts

Wow!, that’s all can say about my experience on Japan Airlines First Class. The staff was extremely attentive, polite, and friendly. It was the small details that I admired. For example, every time I went to use the bathroom, the flight attendant would make my bed. A flight attendant would walk down the aisle every 3 minutes to make sure I was doing okay during my meal. Lastly, I woke up from my nap and found an airplane on my desk that included my last name, flight number, and date. This small gesture of appreciation from my flight attendant surprised me and it made me happy to have something to remember the crew by.

JAL Airlines Flight Gift
A gift from the flight attendant




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