#Adulting and other bad ideas Podcast Interview

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Adulting is hard. So why not have a podcast about it? I had the pleasure of joining Mike and Brian for a discussion about credit cards and travel rewards while swapping stories about being a Dad and other adulting topics. It’s an entertaining listen that lasts about an hour. Join in the fun and listen to the hilarious banter.

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What is #adulting?

The term “adulting” defines activities where you’re forced to act like an adult when you really just want to chill and behave like a kid without responsibilities. Examples of adulting is when you pay your bills (hopefully on time), show up to work when you really would rather sleep in, or attend an awful dinner party thrown by a friend because it would make them happy.

Listen: How to pick the best travel credit card on the Popcorn Finance podcast

#Adulting and other bad ideas Podcast

The #Adulting and other bad ideas Podcast is relatively new, but it is freakin’ hilarious. Mike and Brian are two friends from Dallas that host this podcast to talk about all aspects of life and the need to #adult.

Before agreeing to an interview, I listened to a handful of episodes to get a flavor for their show. Here’s a sample of their episodes:

I listen to a bunch of podcasts regularly that focus on specific topics.  But I like that #Adulting is more like a grab bag where you never know what you’ll get.

If you’d like to listen to their show, here are the links for popular podcast platforms:

Give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Links we discussed

Here are some of the links we discussed during my interview on the #Adulting and other bad ideas Podcast.

  • Debitize.com – treats your credit card like a debit card so you can earn rewards without fear of going into debt. Check out my review of Debitize for more info.
  • RewardExpert.com/trip – helps you figure out which miles will get you to a destination and which cards will help you earn them
  • RewardExpert.com/shopping – your first stop before shopping anywhere online to figure out how to earn miles, points, and cash back on every online purchase
  • RewardExpert.com/travel – when you have miles, this tool searches actual inventory to find award space so you can book a flight
  • AffordAnything.com – I love Paula’s slogan of “you can afford anything, just not everything.” I’m a total fanboy. Luckily, I was already following that mentality long before I met Paula, but it’s good to know others feel the same way.

The Bald Thoughts

Podcasting is one of my favorite ways to interact with people and discuss travel. As much as I enjoy blogging, I love the back and forth conversation during a podcast or when meeting people in person at conferences or while traveling.

That’s why I’m launching my own podcast, the We Travel There podcast.

I’ll interview local experts about the hidden gems in their city so you can go beyond the basics and experience the heart of the city as only a local could. I hope you’ll take a listen… AND, if you’d like to be part of the show, take a moment to apply to be a guest on the show.


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