5 Spring Break Travel Tips On The Financial Grownup Podcast

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Baby Beach located in Aruba
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I was recently featured on the Financial Grownup podcast with Bobbi Rebell. We talked about Spring Break travel tips and discussed five ways that you can save money during your vacation. Spring Break is right around the corner, but there’s still time to reduce your travel expenses and keep your money in your bank account.

Here is a summary of my favorite Spring Break travel tips that I shared on the Financial Grownup Podcast with Bobbi Rebell. For the full conversation and more tips, listen to the podcast episode and read the show notes.

Delta Airlines 777 Main Cabin airplane seats with video
Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Use miles and points to pay for airfare and hotels

This is a no-brainer for those of us who love travel rewards. Keep in mind that redeeming airline miles for domestic airfare might not always be the best deal. Airlines have continued to increase the price of award flights to the point that paying cash may be a better option. That’s one reason why it pays to have Ultimate Rewards, ThankYou Points, or credits with Barclays Arrival or Capital One Venture where you can use points like they were cash to pay for travel.

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How to save money on airport parking

Even if your travel costs are close to zero for your flight, your trip to the airport can still get expensive. Some airport parking lots charge upwards of $30 per day, so you need to control that cost when going on a longer vacation.

One of my favorite hacks is to find an airport hotel that will let you keep your car there for an extended period of time in exchange for a hotel reservation. This room can really come in handy for early morning departures or late night arrivals. Check out the service Park Sleep Fly that specializes in hotel / parking combination reservations.

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Embassy Suites Mandalay Bay breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet at Embassy Suites Mandalay Bay

How to save money on food while traveling

Food is another big expense while traveling. When you’re at home, you have the luxury of a kitchen to keep food costs down. But when you’re on vacation, most of your meals are at fast food or sit-down restaurants… and that can really add up.

That’s why we like to use our hotel loyalty status to get free breakfast or choose hotels that offer free breakfast as a standard benefit. By eliminating the cost of the morning meal, that goes a long way to reducing the expenses of travel.

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Milwaukee Bucks game with Scarlett
At a Milwaukee Bucks game with Scarlett in 2017

How to save money on attractions

Attractions are another big-ticket item while on vacation. Whether you are attending a professional sporting event, visiting a theme park, or exploring the unique attractions at your destination, these costs can explode in a hurry.

I like to research budget-friendly activities by searching the local Groupon site for the city that we’ll be visiting. It is a good way to discover new activities that are generally targeted at locals instead of tourists. This means that they’re often less expensive and are geared towards local interests. To me, this is a fun way to get a better feel for the local community.

home holiday-house-177401_1920

How to keep your home safe while you’re away

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. The last you want is to have something happen to your home while you are away on vacation. Of course, you’ll ask your friends or neighbors to check in on your home while you are away. But they’re also busy with their own family and responsibilities.

Did you know that you can call the police and ask for an extra patrol to swing by your home to make sure it is ok? Many local police departments will do this without an additional charge. Also, contact your newspaper and post office to have them hold your deliveries to ensure that your home looks “lived in.” Nothing says “empty house’ more than a pile of newspapers and a stuffed mailbox in front of your home.

The Bald Thoughts

I had a great time talking about these five Spring Break travel tips on the Financial Grownup podcast with Bobbi Rebell. The podcast is really quick at about 15 minutes. Give it a download and listen to it while running errands, doing some chores, or exercising. I guarantee that you’ll learn some awesome financial tips from Bobbi and her guests.


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