2-For-1 Alaska Airlines Flight Vouchers at a Baseball Game!

alaska airlines flight vouchers
See you at AT&T Park!
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Alaska Airlines recently announced “Alaska Airlines Day” on September 15th at AT&T Park in San Francisco. For the first 40,000 fans, 2 for 1 Alaska Airlines flight vouchers will be handed out when the Giants play the Colorado Rockies!

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Alaska Airlines Flight Vouchers offer at SF Giants Baseball Game!

It looks like the two cheapest ballgame tickets on the San Francisco Giants’ website for September 15 are $142. You may be better off buying from scalpers or another ticket vendor.  [Lee: I did a quick search online at found tickets available for around $50 each.  Use our referral link to Razorgator to search for yourself.]

Keep in mind that this game will be very popular.

The Giants are also offering an Alaska Airlines package that includes even better seats for 4 games. For 2 people, it ends up totaling $217.50, and includes the following games!

  • April 28th vs. Dodgers (Huge rivalry game!)
  • June 21st vs. Padres
  • August 31st vs. Mets
  • September 15th vs. Rockies (night of voucher giveaway)
alaska airlines flight vouchers
See you at AT&T Park!

The Bald Thoughts

Airlines are always thinking of creative ways to get people on their flights, and I’m a huge fan of this one. If you want a quick laugh, here are some more funny airline marketing promotions!

I’m considering making a quick weekend trip out of this one with my travel buddy!

What cool airline promotions have you seen in past? Has it enticed you enough to follow through with their “call to action”?

Let’s hear them in the comments!

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  1. Hi Brett. Sorry I don’t have any other cool airline promotion suggestions. But i’m curious if you know where I can find more details on this September 15 Alaska Airlines promotion? I know there’s likely details on the postcards they give out at the game, but I’d like to know as much as possible before making the trip out to SF. Thanks in advance!

  2. If you want to get a buy one get one free voucher you dont have to go to the game, I buy mine from someone on CL every year for 20-40 bucks.

  3. SFGiants voucher from Alaska is a BIG JOKE! They give 2 days to book flight with huge windows you can’t fly.
    I went to web sight to book and it said the vouchers were not valid. Alaska Air customer service agreed that they were not valid in her system!!!Gave me a number to call but said they won’t be available until Monday, September 17, 2018 – the closing day you have to book buy! Total crap as far as Alaska Air. Virgin Airlines was so much better.


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