Southwest Airlines schedule extended to October 2018

Southwest launches service from Los Angeles to Liberia, Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines.
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It was just announced that Southwest Airlines schedule extended to October 2018.  You can now book flights for the rest of the summer and the first month of school.  At the same time, Southwest also announced daily non-stop flights between Nashville and Atlanta.  Additional flights were also announced… more details below.

Southwest Heart One
Photo courtesy of Southwest. Photo Credit: Stephen M. Keller

Southwest Airlines schedule extended to October 2018

Southwest Airlines is unlike the other major airlines for many reasons.  One of the biggest is that they release their schedule in bunches instead of a rolling 330-day calendar.

From my experience, they will extend the calendar 8 months out every couple of months.  It can be frustrating when you can book your departure but need to wait awhile for the return dates to open up.  I say book your flight anyway because Southwest offers free cancelation in case things don’t work out later on.

Daily Non-Stops Between Nashville And Atlanta

To compete in the lucrative Atlanta market, Southwest will now be flying daily non-stops between Nashville and Atlanta.  There will be 5 flights a day Monday through Friday, and 3 flights a day on Saturdays and Sundays.  This additional flight availability will start August 7, 2018.

BNA to ATL flight map

Additional Los Angeles Flights

Also beginning on August 7, 2018, daily non-stop flights between Los Angeles and Tampa.  And an additional daily flight will be added between LAX and New Orleans and LAX and Portland, Oregon.

Southwest LAX new flights 2018-08

Mid-West Flight Additions

More flights are also being added to destinations in the central part of the US as well.

Daily non-stop service between Denver and Cincinnati begins August 7, 2018.  And to coincide with March Madness, there is daily non-stop service available between Cincinnati and Phoenix.

Kansas City, Missouri will also add non-stop flights to Raleigh, NC. starting August 7, 2018.  And between April 8 and August 6, this flight will be available Sunday through Friday.

Lastly, beginning August 7, 2018, Southwest Airlines will begin daily non-stop flights between St Louis and Hartford, Connecticut.

Southwest mid-west flights 2018-08

The Bald Thoughts

Southwest Airlines is my favorite domestic carrier.  They offer competitive prices, reliable service, and a good experience.  And the Companion Pass is the best loyalty benefit around!  I’m always excited when the Southwest Airlines schedule is extended because that means I can now book more flights.  The additional flights that were announced is the cherry on top!

Where will you book your next Southwest Airlines flight?


  1. I do not see flights through October. Currently flight schedule is till October 1. Looks like March 8th will extend the booking schedule.


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