Free Goodies At Check-in With The Kimpton Secret Password

Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Kimpton Summer password 2017 drink ticket
Free drinks at the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco, CA.
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One of the perks of hotel loyalty is getting free upgrades and other goodies. With Kimpton, you get free stuff no matter if this is your 1st or 400th stay with them. All you need to do is use the Kimpton Secret Password at check-in. Keep in mind that the Kimpton summer password is only good through the beginning of September 2019.

What is the Kimpton Secret Password?

The Kimpton Secret Password is a limited-time promotion that pops up twice a year for guests to enjoy. The Kimpton summer password starts in May and ends in September, while the Kimpton winter password usually starts in November and ends in February.

There is no cost to participate and these freebies are in addition to all of the other goodies that Kimpton guests have come to enjoy. For example, every guest can enjoy Wine Hour from 5 pm to 6 pm every evening, complimentary WiFi, and free coffee in the lobby each morning. People like me who stay at Kimpton a lot receive Inner Circle status, which provides a custom welcome amenity the first day of every Kimpton stay.

Kimpton Canary King Suite welcome amenity
Kimpton Canary welcome amenity

What is the Kimpton Summer Password for 2019?

The Kimpton Secret Password for summer 2019 is “Off Duty“. Simply mention these words at check-in and watch the magic begin.

Just an FYI, if you forget to mention the Kimpton summer password at check-in, you can always stop by the front desk and say it. The Kimpton staff loves to show the #KimptonLove, so don’t be shy!

The Kimpton Secret Password is available now. However, it does expire on September 2nd, so make sure you add it to your calendar next to all of your summer Kimpton stays. Kimpton has a lot of tremendous hotels with amazing pools to chill out and enjoy. For example, one of our favorite Kimpton hotels in LA is the Kimpton Everly Hotel.

Kimpton Everly Hotel 5th floor pool
It’s always sunny in California at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood.

What will you receive when you say these two words?

Just like every Kimpton Hotel is unique, so is the execution of the Kimpton summer password. Most properties try to infuse some local flavor into the promotion, either into the gifts themselves or just the presentation of them.

When Scarlett and I went to the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in Milwaukee, they had little wrapped gifts that we could choose from.

Kimpton Journeyman Secret Password goodies
Kimpton Journeyman Secret Password goody basket

In the past, we’ve received everything from food & beverage credits, free valet parking, free drinks at the bar, and a “movie night” in our room. The Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego even made little drink kits for guests to enjoy!

Kimpton Palomar San Diego Secret Password Feeling Toasty surprise
“Feeling Toasty” at Kimpton Palomar in San Diego got me this fancy drink kit

Example from the Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh

One of my readers, Greg Char, shared what he received at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh when he checked it. In true Kimpton style, the presentation was unique and perfectly suited for summertime. Obviously, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is nowhere near the ocean, but the creative hotel staff brought a little bit of the beach to their hotel to make it fun.

Kimpton Secret Password Summer 2019 Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh
Photo courtesy of Greg Char

And when Greg opened the note, this is what he found…

Kimpton Secret Password Summer 2019 Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh note
Photo courtesy of Greg Char

So, just by saying the Kimpton Secret Password for summer 2019, he was able to get a cool tour of a local whiskey distillery.

All you have to do is say “Off Duty” when you check-in and wait for your Kimpton staff to surprise and delight you.

The Bald Thoughts

If you’ve never stayed at a Kimpton Hotel, you are totally missing out. They offer unique hotels with amazing staff that love to surprise and delight their guests. I stay at Kimpton every chance I get because I know that I’ll have an amazing experience. Even if this is your first time at a Kimpton hotel, you can participate in the Kimpton Secret Password. Simply utter the magic words at check-in and you’ll receive something cool.

Have you stayed at a Kimpton Hotel before? What has been the coolest secret password gift or welcome amenity that you’ve received? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Sorry, but the Kimpton Secret Password promotion ended about a week ago. You’ll have to settle for an extra glass of wine during Wine Hour. The Secret Password should return around November/December.


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