Each 737-MAX Needs 150 Hours of Work, Don’t Do This In The Caribbean, Hyatt Credit Card Free Night

Cathay Pacific 747-8f air to air
Photo courtesy of Boeing
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The Morning Shave

Southwest Airlines is going to allow people who don’t want to fly on the Boeing 737 Max to switch planes for free. – Southwest is my favorite airline because you can cancel or switch flights at any time. There is no fee for this, but you do have to pay the difference in airfare to switch if the price is higher. If the price is lower, you save money. Because of the 737-MAX fiasco, Southwest is waiving any price increases if you’d like to switch to a non-MAX flight.

U.S. airlines expect Boeing 737 MAX jets need up to 150 hours of work before flying again. – 150 hours sounds like a lot of time, but when you have a few people working on a plane at a time, you’re talking about a week’s worth of work. This still adds up to a tremendous amount of lost revenue for airlines. Southwest has 34, American has 24, and United has 14. And there are many more on order. I hope that Boeing gets this situation resolved asap.

Photo courtesy of Boeing

7 Things You Should Never Do in the Caribbean. – All true. Especially about the bugs and sunscreen. My fair skin gets burnt quicker than a piece of toast in the Caribbean sun. That’s why I use reef-safe sunscreen and swim t-shirts when I go in the water during the day.

To My Fellow Air Travelers: This Is Why You F**king Suck. (NSFW) – Before clicking on this link, be aware that there is a lot of swear words. That being said, I completely agree with the author about how so many travelers have lost their manners. I, too, have had people try to trample me while trying to get to their seat instead of asking me to stand up so they can get to their seat. Or when people let you out, they don’t move out of the way so you have a clear path out of your aisle. Come on, people. Have some common sense!

Why the Hyatt credit card free night always pays off. – I have all of the major hotel chain co-branded credit cards because of their annual free night benefits. I’m going to travel anyway, so I might as well enjoy the perks of the credit card and a discounted hotel night. Just make sure that you don’t forget about them and don’t use them. That’s literally the only way that you can lose in this equation.

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  1. You hope the 737 MAX gets resolved? How about Boeing dumping the plane and dumping the CEO! Remember that the CEO was asking Trump not to cancel flights after the second crash? What an untrustworthy slime! If that plane fly’s again, I am not getting on it for the next 10 years. Until then, will I have confidence. Provided there isn’t a crash, of course. BTW- Trump suggests to rename the plane! Another slime, to say the least! Even if the Boeing CEO was flying on that plane every day, I still wouldn’t trust it.
    -Software Engineer

    • I hear you. Heads should roll for these decisions. And it could be considered criminal that Boeing didn’t adequately warn airlines and pilots about the software and how to manually fix it. But I still hope that the 737 MAX does get fixed. Although, I’m not sure that consumers will ever regain confidence in these planes.


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