Inn At The Market Review – The Best Hotel in Seattle!

inn at the market
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After our awesome stay at our AirBnB in Burien, our next night was at the wonderful Inn at the Market right above the Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle. The team at Inn at The Market was kind enough to extend us a free night stay to celebrate my fiance’s birthday! As an independent hotel blogger, I have always favored these properties as you tend to get a more personal experience. Hotel points really don’t mean as much when you get incredible service. It is completely reflective in their TripAdvisor reviews too – it is the HIGHEST rated hotel in Seattle!

inn at the market

inn at the market

Inn at The Market Review
The Check-In Process

Checking in at the Inn at The Market was a breeze, and the service we received was awesome.

inn at the market
A beautiful area to walk in and start your stay.

We wanted to drop our bags off as we got there pretty early (around 9:30 am). We checked in with a gal named Kaylor, and she was extremely helpful by giving us some great recommendations around the city.

What I value when traveling are the small touches. During our check-in, she wished Kiersten a happy birthday with no hint at all! She had some notes on her end, obviously, but I was so pleased by that. And then, she personally texted me that our room was ready around 10:30 am, way before the typical 3 pm check-in. We had not even got into our room yet, and I was blown away by the incredible service.

At this point, I couldn’t wait to see the room!

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One Bedroom Suite at Inn at The Market

This room was incredibly luxurious, and filled with amenities! My favorite part by far was the views over the Pike Place Market and the Ocean. This room is worth every penny.

inn at the market
The incredible view from our room!
inn at the market
Here is the whole living area.
inn at the market
Our lovely welcome amenity! I surprise Kiersten with a trip to Chicago for a Cubs game!
inn at the market
Our lovely King bed, so comfy!
inn at the market
The bathroom is beautiful! The mirrors light up with great lighting.

Right when you walk in, there is a bar with snacks and coffee. Under the cabinet is a mini fridge that is actually usable! There are some products for sale in the fridge, but definitely still room for leftovers or anything else.

inn at the market

The best part of the room was how close we were to this wonderful viewing deck! It was only 10 steps away from our front door, so it was super convenient. It was almost an extension of our room. Be sure to ask for room 514 to be this close to the deck!

inn at the market

inn at the market

Where is the Inn at The Market?

Outside of the room itself, the best part of this hotel was the prime location that it has. It is about 75 steps from the famous Pike Place Market and unbelievable restaurants! Here are some must-see/eats within a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

  • The Very First Starbucks – I wasn’t super impressed with it. Just seemed like another overcrowded Starbucks. But it is historic so it is worth seeing.
  • Beechers Handmade Cheese – If you are obsessed with cheese like I am, you HAVE to go! The Mac and Cheese was KILLER!

    inn at the market
    SO GOOD!
  • Biscuit Bitch – Despite the vulgar name, this biscuit shop is a staple in Seattle. Not the friendliest for kids, but still a delicious meal at any time of day.
  • Post Alley – Within a few steps of the hotel, Post Alley has a wide array of restaurants and bars to delight all taste buds!
  • The Gum Wall – Leave some, take some. Ok, seriously, don’t take any. That’s just gross.

inn at the market

The Bald Thoughts

When you have incredible service like we had at the Inn at The Market, you’re willing to pay cash for your stay in of redeeming points and miles. This hotel is now my absolute #1 favorite hotel I have ever stayed at. Good service seems to be a novelty sometimes during travel, but the folks at Inn at The Market hit the bullseye in terms of the full experience. I can’t recommend this hotel enough for those traveling to Seattle!


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