Stay Twice, Get Night Free with Wyndham Promotion

Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman view from water
View of resort from the water. Photo courtesy of Wyndham Reef Resort.
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Wyndham is one of the least used hotel loyalty programs among the miles and points community. Most of us are accustomed to their lower-end properties that don’t satisfy our desires for luxury and aspirational travel. But there are some really nice properties within the Wyndham family and this stay twice, get 15000 points Wyndham promotion should be on your radar. Here’s how to maximize the Wyndham promotion.

Stay Twice, Get Night Free with Wyndham Promotion

The Wyndham promotion is super simple. Register for the Wyndham promotion here. Then stay twice before July 1, 2018. You’ll then earn enough points to redeem for one night at ANY Wyndham property around the world.

Wyndham Rewards book stay repeat 2018 offer Wyndham Rewards book stay repeat 2018

How To Maximize This Wyndham Promotion

There are a couple of methods to use to really maximize the value of the Wyndham Stay Twice Get One Free promotion. With this Wyndham promotion, you can book at some really cheap hotels, then redeem for an expensive night someplace else. And you can double-up with a spouse, significant other, or a friend so that each of you qualifies for this promotion, then use the free nights consecutively for an awesome vacation.

Book Cheap Nights, Redeem for Expensive Night

One of the best ways to use these promotions is to use “travel arbitrage” by booking cheap nights and redeeming for expensive nights.

For example, I booked one of my nights at a cheap property in Las Vegas for $44 a night. Then, I’ll use the free night at a property ranging from $200-400 a night during a family vacation later this year.

Wyndham Days Inn Las Vegas At Wild Wild West Gambling Hall
First stay at Days Inn Las Vegas

I booked my second night in Page, Arizona near Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. My buddy David booked his second stay in Vegas for only $26 a night (plus taxes, of course). He got a smokin’ deal!

Wyndham Days Inn Las Vegas At Wild Wild West Gambling Hall 2nd stay
2nd stay at Days Inn Las Vegas

Double Up With Spouse or Travel Buddy

How I’m looking to maximize this promotion is to have both my wife Anna and my buddy David participate in the promotion so that we’ll have 3 free nights to use while traveling.

Don’t forget that BOTH you and your friends/family can earn these bonuses. Then, all you need to do is book your free nights consecutively. When you check in, just let the front desk know that you’ll be staying in the same room on consecutive nights. They’ll appreciate it because they won’t have to do a full cleaning in between guests.

Pair with Wyndham credit card bonus points

Pair the 15,000 Wyndham promotion points earned with the 30,000-45,000 bonus points earned from the Wyndham credit card and now you have an affordable multi-day vacation at a very nice resort.

Once the points from this promotion or the credit card post to your Wyndham account, they are points to be used just like any other points.

Most people aren’t going to travel for one night, but if you can group your points together for multi-night stays, that’s when the fun really begins!

Where Should You Use Your Free Night

When I completed this Wyndham promotion, my free night posted almost immediately and was credited to my account with the same date as my second stay.

Wyndham Stay Twice Get One Free Promo activity 2018

I booked some pretty inexpensive properties to earn the free night, but where should I use the free night for great value? Here are some of my favorites within the Wyndham brand of hotels:

There are plenty of other worthy properties that you can redeem your Wyndham promotion points at.

If you’re not getting “max value” or meeting some bloggers designated value for redemption, don’t worry about it. The best redemption is the one that works for you!

Some Words of Caution

Although this promotion is pretty awesome, take note of a couple of downsides to the Wyndham program.

Wyndham has a history of changing the terms and conditions mid-way through their promotions, so it is best to register, book, and redeem as soon as possible.

If you want to redeem at Wyndham timeshare properties, the 15,000 points per night is PER BEDROOM. So, a 2-bedroom property is actually 30,000 points per night, not 15,000.

Wyndham points earned expire 4 years from the date they are earned and you must have activity every 2 years. You cannot extend these points past the 4-year mark with additional activity. Earn and burn!

The Wyndham Promotion Fine Print

Here is the fine print directly from the Wyndham site:

Earn up to one free night at any of our 8,000+ hotels worldwide, just stay twice.* Two qualified stays anywhere get Wyndham Rewards® members an additional 15,000 points—enough for a free night.* Remember to register and book by June 30, 2018, and complete your stays by July 1, 2018. Where to next?

Not a Wyndham Rewards member? You can still book your stays now and register for the offer later. Just make sure to register before you complete your first qualified stay.

*15,000 Wyndham Rewards points are good for one standard bedroom per night, subject to availability, blackout dates/rates, and other restrictions. Resort fees apply at Caesars hotels, even for award nights, and cannot be paid with points. See Promotion Terms & Conditions for additional information.

The Bald Thoughts

It is fun to earn loads of bonus points through offers like this Wyndham promotion. You can earn a free night by staying at inexpensive hotels that you “mattress run” or by picking a Wyndham hotel during your upcoming vacations, even if they cost a little more than competing properties. And then double up on the promotion with friends or family to get even more free nights for future trips.

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? What’s your favorite Wyndham property to stay at?

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  1. The Miami Shelborne left the Wydnham family/portfolio of hotels in December 2016. I have verfieid this on their website and via both Wyndham Rewards and the Barclays credit card customer service.

    Of course Barclays still includes the Shelborne in it’s promotion materials and welcome packet for the co-brand Wyndham credit card so your confusion can be understood.


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