Google Flights Hack, BofA Bonus Points For Every Card, Hyatt Free Night Certs Trick

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This Simple Google Flights Hack Will Get You the Seat With the Most Legroom Every Single Time.

Google Flights is one of the easiest ways to compare flight options from a variety of airlines. Instead of going to individual airline sites or an OTA (online travel agency) like Expedia, you can simply get flights from your browser’s search function. One thing that’s missing, though, is how much room you’ll have in that seat. With this browser extension, your search results will show the seat pitch for every flight.

How to Crack the Secret Code Behind Flight Numbers.

As a traveler, it’s fun to nerd out on bits of information like this. It doesn’t really change much on your trip, but it could be a cool factoid to share while sitting in the lounge or when striking up a conversation with your seatmate. What’s the most interesting flight number that you’ve ever been on?

So many flight numbers, so little time.

Do You Need to Be Vaccinated to Fly?

While COVID vaccinations are still controversial in some communities, many countries require a variety of vaccinations in order to travel there. Experienced travelers have a “yellow card” that lists all their vaccinations for diseases that most Americans have never heard of or thought about. Before traveling, it’s critical to look up that country’s requirements for visas, vaccinations, and other items so that you’re not disappointed when you arrive, and they tell you that you have to leave.

Mark your calendar: Bank of America to offer extra credit card rewards for one day.

This is pretty awesome because some Bank of America credit cards aren’t very rewarding for everyday purchases. For example, the Alaska Airlines credit card only earns one point per dollar on most purchases, which is why I rarely use the card. However, on this day, you’ll get an extra 2% or 2x points/miles on all of your purchases. This means that the Alaska Airlines credit card will earn 3x miles on everyday purchases, which is simply amazing given the value of those miles when booking international travel.

Turning One Hyatt Free Night Certificate Into Two Free Nights With An Award Transfer.

I knew that you could transfer Hyatt points to anyone without incurring any fees. But, I had never heard of being able to transfer free night certificates. If we booked her certificate under her name, we wouldn’t have very many benefits since she has low-level elite status. However, by transferring the certificate to my account, we can enjoy all of my Globalist status benefits during our stay. And I can book back-to-back nights using both of our certificates for a full weekend trip.

Thinking of getting a new credit card?

To see the best credit card offers available, go to our credit card marketplace to find your next card.


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