American Eliminating Int’l First Class, Sundays Best For Booking Flights, Frontier Flights to Europe

American Airlines 737 Livery
Image courtesy of American Airlines.
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The Morning Shave

American Airlines: Our customers aren’t buying international First Class tickets. So we’re eliminating them.

With the rise of Business Class amenities and comfort, it is understandable that most travelers won’t splurge on international First Class tickets. Whenever I fly premium class using miles & points, it’s almost always Business Class instead of First Class. The amenities are comparable, and the cost is much less. What do you think about this change?

Sundays are better than ever for booking cheaper flights.

My general rule of booking flights is “if you find a price that works, book it.” Most airlines now let you cancel flights without penalty, so if you find something cheaper, rebook it. Southwest even lets you make changes to an existing reservation to save money. Using this strategy locks in a price that fits your budget, but gives you options to save money if prices drop.

When searching for flights, when is the best time to book?

Caesars Palace hotel-casino proposed for Times Square.

If this proposal gets approved, the city that never sleeps will have one more reason to stay up at night. Times Square is already jam-packed with tourists and locals, so I’m not sure adding a casino in the middle of it all would do much good. But, they’re justifying it by saying that the added security and transit improvements would benefit all local residents and businesses. We’ll see what happens.

My family showed up at our Marriott hotel and it was closed.

Ouch, that had to hurt. Hopefully, their spouse was understanding and didn’t blame them for the mistake. As we continue to learn to live with COVID, there are going to be issues like this that happen. In Japan, although they just opened to foreign tourists, many businesses are still closed or running skeleton crews because they don’t have enough workers yet. And some U.S. businesses face the same issues as we continue to have more job openings than available workers.

Frontier Airlines CEO: Transatlantic A321XLR Routes ‘Definitely In Consideration’

Exciting news for people who like to fly Frontier Airlines. With its new planes, Frontier may be able to start flying “across the pond” in 2026. Obviously, there are still regulatory hurdles to jump over, but this could increase the value of the airline’s rewards if flight redemptions are a reasonable price. The big question though is this, would you feel comfortable flying a low-cost carrier (LCC) for that long of a flight? Unless I was able to get an upgrade, I don’t think I’d want to book that ticket.

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  1. There is no real ability to upgrade on Frontier. They don’t have “big front seat(s)” and only offer moderately extra legroom + recline. Way too far for that mess for most people.

    • I hear you. I got “upgraded” to First when I flew to Colorado this summer. Not much of a difference, but good enough for a shorter domestic flight. I couldn’t imagine being in one of their seats for 7-8 hours. Hopefully, they’ll recognize that and provide better options for long-haul flights like this.

  2. There are people who like to fly Frontier?

    American would be better served by asking what they’re doing wrong that people don’t want to spend the money to fly first class with them rather than eliminating that first class. The problems with their first class are neither complicated nor insurmountable. Unfortunately, the merry go round of ULCC background AA execs have serious problems understanding how first class is supposed to work.

    • There are also people that like Brussels sprouts and sniffing socks. To each their own. HAHA

      I agree. Making such a big switch by American Airlines is odd without conducting some research with travelers to determine WHY they’re not buying First Class tickets. It’s a drastic change with a lot of costs without first researching beyond “well, they’re not buying it, so we should eliminate it.”


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