Pass Holders Sue Disney, Archaic American Airlines Ticketing Rule, Middle Seat Lottery

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The Morning Shave

Not so magic. Disney World pass holders sue the park, saying it favors single-day guests ‘in order to make a larger profit’.

It appears that Disney World isn’t exactly the “happiest place on Earth” if you’re a season pass holder. In this lawsuit, they claim that Disney isn’t holding up to its end of the bargain of “unlimited access” to parks for pass holders by capping reservations each day. I can see both sides of the issue… Disney is limiting its capacity to offer a better visitor experience, but pass holders paid the price to go whenever they want. Seems like Disney owes them a refund.

Really, American Airlines? You still use this ancient award ticketing rule?

This rule is archaic and a total pain for people who book flights on behalf of others. American needs to update its system to eliminate this rule. Half of the time, I can’t remember which credit card I used to book the flight. So, bringing it with me when I travel can be a serious challenge.

Aircraft, Aircrafts, American Airlines, plane, planes, Livery, Exterior
Photo courtesy of American Airlines.

11 Important Things to Do Before Your Next International Trip.

Important refresher before going on your next trip to a different country to reduce hassle and avoid problems. I highly recommend scanning your passport & vaccination cards and learning a bit of the local language. Small efforts go a long way with the locals. We talk about this all of the time on my podcast when I interview guests.

One Airline Is Trying to Get More Guests to Fly in Middle Seats with a Prize Lottery.

Would you be willing to sit in the middle seat for a chance at some really cool prizes? The list of 26 prizes includes flights, a cruise, and a helicopter pub crawl. If this promotion has good results, I hope that other airlines follow suit to encourage others to book the dreaded middle seat.

How American Airlines And Its Partners Decide Who Flies A Route.

Many airlines “code-share” flights to share the costs of a flight with a partner to avoid competing against each other and to fill up planes with passengers. However, few people think about how the airlines decide whose plane will fly the route. This is one of those interesting aspects about travel that is fun to learn about.

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