Lounge Review: Dnata Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport

a food buffet with many shelves
Salad Bar
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Singapore Changi Airport has a lot to offer while waiting for your flight to board. In fact, it’s probably my favorite airport. And here are 5 reasons why. If you find yourself needing to rest and not wanting to explore the airport’s amenities, then the Dnata Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 is something you should experience.


Dnata Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Dnata Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport
Rows of comfortable seats up for the taking.

Food and Beverage at Dnata Lounge

I actually was pretty hungry when I entered the Dnata lounge and to my surprise, the food exceeded my expectations. The Dnata Lounge in Terminal 1 definitely had a variety of food selection from Singapore cuisine to comfort food.  They had a full salad bar with several toppings and different dressings. On the other side, were small bites that consisted of chicken nuggets, chicken on a stick and mini pizzas. Having a big sweet tooth,  I grabbed a few of their desserts to try… and every one of them was tasty and freshly made.

The beverage selection was average compared to what you expect an airline lounge to have. They had a wide variety of juices, tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol.

Dnata Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport
Salad Bar

Singapore Changi Airport – Dnata Lounge Hours of Operation

The Dnata Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport is open from 3:30am to 2:30am 7 days a week.  I imagine that it is closed for one hour in order to clean and re-stock the kitchen and bar.

When I visited the lounge, it was in the evening and it was practically empty. The lounge is large enough that I don’t think you’ll run out of places to sit, even during their peak hours.


The Bald Thoughts

Overseas lounges always seem to be much nicer than the ones here in the United States. The Dnata lounge in Singapore Changi Airport is no different. The modern lounge design and wide selection of food & beverages allowed me to enjoy my time prior to boarding my flight back home. I would recommend this airport lounge if you’re a Priority Pass cardholder.


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