Xero Accounting Enables Business Owners To Travel Without Worry

Xero Accounting Software
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One of the problems with being a business owner is that you’re concerned to leave your business behind.  What are today’s sales?  Are the bills taken care of?  Are we getting paid from our customers?  With Xero Accounting Software, you can travel without worry because your business financials are available in the cloud no matter where you’re traveling.


Why Xero?

There are plenty of accounting software options available.  I’ve used QuickBooks for as long as I can remember for my Dad’s law practice, my real estate investments, and this blog.  However, seeing how simple and easy Xero is, I’m totally thinking about switching from QuickBooks to Xero instead of spending $150 to purchase the upgrade from QuickBooks 2014 to QuickBooks 2017.

Xero Accounting Software is a full-fledged accounting solution that can handle almost every possible accounting need for most small businesses.  However, instead of being limited to accessing your data from one computer, this web-based software allows you to access your accounting data wherever you have an internet connection.  You can use a computer, phone, or tablet to access Xero.

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As a sign of how many people love the product, Xero recently crossed the 1 million mark of subscribing customers.  And Xero was named the #1 Most Innovative Growth Company for 2016 by Forbes.  Those are pretty great accomplishments!

Here are some of the basic accounting functions and interactivity that are available through Xero for one low monthly fee:

  • Invoicing & Quotes
  • Inventory & Fixed Assets
  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Data Security
  • Accept Payments
  • Purchase Orders & Pay Bills
  • Expense Claims
  • Multi-Currency
  • File Storage
  • Contacts and Smart Lists
  • Sales Tax
  • Search

And, of course, you can convert and upload your existing QuickBooks data into Xero.

Watch this 1:48 minute video to get a quick overview of Xero and how it can help you stay in touch with your business, even as you travel the world.


Xero Pricing

Xero Accounting Software offers 3 price options based on your needs.  And all 3 options provide a 30% discount for the first 6 months to help with the transition from your old accounting platform.  Use our Xero referral link for a free trial to see if Xero is the right accounting solution for your business.  You don’t even have to enter a credit card to start the free trial.  How cool is that?

Xero Accounting Software pricing
Love the 30% discount for the first 6 months!


The Starter Package is just $9 per month and will easily fit the needs of many home-based businesses.  And most other business needs can be met with the Standard Package for only $21 per month.  The Premium Package is best for businesses that have more than 5 employees or conduct business in multiple currencies.

What I like about Xero is that payroll is included!  Most other accounting software packages, QuickBooks included, charge a separate fee for payroll.


Xero vs. QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks

Xero, Quickbooks, and FreshBooks all perform many of the same accounting functions for running your business.  You can enter transactions, run reports, and upload data from your bank at ease.  All 3 options also offer mobile apps so you can access data and enter transactions without booting up your computer.  Each company also offers the ability to receive electronic payments from customers via credit card, PayPal, etc.

Comparing Xero vs QuickBooks vs FreshBooks

When you use our referral link and the special Xero Promo Code “XERO30NOW“, you can receive a 30% discount for your first six months.

With Xero’s middle and premium versions, payroll is included for a limited number of employees.  QuickBooks charges a base fee plus a flat charge per employee each month.  FreshBooks doesn’t offer payroll.


The Bald Thoughts

Business owners need 24/7 access to their financials to keep their business running smoothly.  Yet, you need to spend quality time with the family and achieve a balance between work and play.  With a cloud-based accounting solution like Xero, you can achieve this goal.  It is a simple solution that meets the complex needs of today’s business owners for a low monthly fee.  Give Xero a try with the free 30-day trial we’ve secured for our readers when using our referral link.  And if you want to keep going, use our promo code “XERO30NOW” to receive 30% off the monthly fee for the first 6 months.

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  1. Nice comparison ! it seems that quickbooks lace up most sophosticated features , affordable by any typs of business


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