LAST CHANCE: Win a free hotel stay for two from Dosh

Dosh win a free hotel stay for two
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School is back in session, so it becomes harder and harder to travel for people with kids.  During this time of year, we usually do a lot of weekend trips so that our son doesn’t miss valuable lessons at school.  That’s why I was excited to see Dosh’s contest to win a free hotel stay for two.  Today is the last day, so read below how to enter.  You may win a vacation or one of a handful of prizes!

Sponsored post: Dosh is one of our sponsors and I use them personally.  I’ve also encouraged friends and family to use them because we can earn 7-10% cash back when we go out to eat because I love saving money.  Please know that this sponsorship does not influence my coverage of their app.

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Dosh win a free hotel stay for two


Win a free hotel stay for two from Dosh

To enter to win a free hotel stay for two from Dosh, it is very simple.  Use my referral link to download the app, then add your credit cards.

And the second way to enter is to share the app via text, social media, and email.  For every person that downloads and connects a credit card, you’ll receive another entry.  Please note that there is a 10 entry maximum from these referrals.

The best part is once you sign up for Dosh, you’ll receive money from Dosh connecting your credit cards and for referring others!

Friday, September 1, 2017, is the final day of the contest entry period.  You are not required to purchase anything to enter.  The winner will be announced no later than September 8, 2017.


What are the prizes?

Although it would be awesome to win a free hotel stay for two from Dosh, the reality is that there is only one Grand Prize.  Don’t worry, there are several other prizes to win as well!

  • GRAND PRIZE – Weekend Hotel Stay for two (up to $500 of hotel credit)
  • RUNNER UP – Star Level Party for 30 kids at Chuck E. Cheese’s
  • 10 WINNERS – $10 DOSH wallet bonuses

My wife and I would love the weekend hotel stay for two, but I think Timmy and Scarlett would rather have the Check E Cheese’s pizza party for them and their friends.

We have some travel plans for this fall where I can see this $500 from the Grand Prize coming in pretty handy.  If you won, where would you stay?


Everyone is a winner with Dosh

Winning prizes is cool and all, but I win every time I use my registered credit cards at a participating restaurant.  Not only do I get to enjoy a great meal with friends and family, but I get 7%-10% cash back to make my wallet a little fatter.

And best of all, participating in Dosh doesn’t affect any of the airline miles or hotel points I normally earn when using my credit cards.

That sounds like a total win-win, right?


The Bald Thoughts

Today is the final day to enter the win a free hotel stay for two from Dosh.  I’ve already entered by registering my credit cards to earn cash back on dining and sharing my referral link via social media.  If I win, that would be awesome.  But I’m more focused on earning 7%-10% cash back on my dining to help save money for my next vacation and to pay off my mortgage.

What would you do with the cash back that you earn?

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