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I listen to a lot of podcasts so I can continue learning about travel, personal finance, and other related topics to share even more great tips and tricks with my readers.  Stacking Benjamins is a fun podcast that infuses some humor into conversations about money, investing, and other personal finance topics.

Stacking Benjamins logo
My favorite podcast (even moreso now that I have now been on it)

How did I learn about Stacking Benjamins?

I have been reading the Afford Anything blog for almost 2 years.  I love Paula’s mantra of “you can afford anything, just not everything.”  She’s also into buying real estate to turn into rental units.  And she travels more than I do because she has a location-independent job.

Because of that, we’re kindred spirits of sorts.  Although we travel almost completely opposite of each other… she travels “slowly” (staying in one place for weeks or months at a time) while Anna, Timmy, and I travel mostly on the weekends to stretch out the few vacations days we receive each year working our corporate jobs.

When Paula wrote that she was joining the Stacking Benjamins podcast, I decided to add it to my playlist… and ended up bumping Adam Corolla from the normal rotation.

After listening to a few episodes, I was hooked and started cyber-stalking (in a nice way, of course) Joe Saul-Sehy, the host of Stacking Benjamins.

Invitation to join the Stacking Benjamins podcast

Joe and I became friends online and would banter back and forth.  Leading up to attending FinCon14, a financial bloggers conference, in New Orleans, Joe asked if I wanted to join the “Round Table discussion” someday.  I was a little nervous, but excitedly agreed!

Stacking Benjamins Joe and me in NOLA for FinCon14
Hanging with Joe on Bourbon Street in New Orleans at FinCon14

Unfortunately, it is budget season at work, so my schedule is crazy busy…. but we were able to find a date that worked.

Surprising Travel Hacks (Hacking like a Pro) with Lee Huffman

It was so much fun contributing to this podcast.  Greg of ControlYourCash and Paula of Afford Anything were fantastic and had some awesome travel hacks of their own to share.  Also on the podcast, Joe and OG (The Other Guy) answer a letter from a reader who asks about the changing fund options in his 401(k).

During the Round Table discussion, we answered questions from Joe centered around these 3 travel articles:

Greg, Paula, and I also discussed some of our favorite travel apps and tools:

  • TripIt – app/website consolidates your travel plans into one itinerary (get TripIt Pro free with the Barclay Arrival card)
  • Flight Aware – app notifies you if your flight it delayed (TripIt Pro also offers the same thing)
  • Marine Traffic – app that notifies you of boat/ferry times
  • Global Entry – this is a MUST HAVE if you hate waiting in lines… I’ve written about it here, here, and here.

A travel tool that I didn’t mention, but is great to have is AwardWallet.  If you have a bunch of airline, hotel, car rental, etc. membership accounts, this app/website consolidates all of your point balances into one easy-to-use list, complete with easy log-ins into those accounts, what your account balance is, and when the points expire.


Stacking Benjamins is a fun podcast with some seriously good ideas.  Please listen to my episode, leave a comment on their site, and give them positive reviews on iTunes!  Maybe they’ll bring me back so I can continue sharing some of my tips and tricks.


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