I was featured in a CNN.com article asking about Your Child’s Travel Firsts

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There was a CNN.com iReport question a couple months back asking readers when is the right age to travel with children.  I believe that children should be exposed to travel at a young age so that they know that there is a whole world to explore, not just their local community.  Plus, I’m a big believer in spending money on experiences vs. material things.

Children grow up so fast… and before you know it, they’re “too cool” to travel with Mom and Dad, so enjoy the travel with them while you can… even when they cry, complain, bicker, and moan.  In a few years, you’ll laugh at moments that seemed horrific at the time!

The initial article was titled, Your Child’s Travel Firsts.

And the article that my family was featured in, 2 year old in Business Class Lie Flat Seat

2 year old in Business Class Lie Flat Seat




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