So many FREE things for my birthday

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Today is my birthday, and I’ve been getting so many great emails with FREE gifts and discounts from local stores.  Unfortunately, most of them are desserts, which is completely counter-productive to my workouts… but I share with my wife and son (and try to leave some on the plate), so it’s not so bad.

But, before we get to the freebies and discounts, check out this AMAZING birthday video that my friend David Esquire of Esquire Photography put together for me.

Now back to the freebies and discounts!

Free Birthday Meals

Discounted Meals

Free Birthday Desserts

Discounted Desserts

Discounted Activities

I received so many offers to choose from for my birthday, that many will ultimately end up unused.  It is nice to be able to pick and choose and enjoy some tasty treats with family and friends.

Do you get offers like this for your birthday or anniversary?  Which ones are your favorites?  What others should be included in this list?

Happy Birthday!



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