How to Travel Safely – 7 tips to keep you safe!

How to Travel Safely
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When we think about traveling, many of us picture sandy beaches, scenic monuments or beautiful views. While preparing your travel itinerary, safety is something that rarely comes to mind. During my travels, I’ve experienced sickness and accidents, and it’s never fun to deal with. In response to the latest terrorist attacks throughout Europe, when want to know how to travel safely, we offer seven tips to ensure you and your family travel safely.


How to Travel Safely in a Car

In research conducted by the World Health Organization, car accidents are the largest cause of death among travelers. Before traveling, research the safest ways to commute. If you are harmed in an auto accident while inside the U.S., you may be able to use travel interruption benefits from various premium credit cards.

For those of you renting a car while on your travels, check out Lee’s article on Rental Car Insurance and how to hack it with your credit cards.

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Check With the US State Department

The U.S. State Department provides extremely valuable information such as passport validity, currency restrictions entering and exiting the country, visa requirements, vaccination requirements and contact information for the local U.S. Embassy.

While traveling to Cancun a few years ago, I lost my customs documents! Yikes! Thankfully, I registered my trip and they were able to reprint my documents for a small fee.


Enroll with STEP

The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP, is a free service provided by the State Department for U.S. citizens to enroll their trip with the local embassy. When you enroll your trip, you will receive important information about safety conditions in the country. If an emergency happens, the Embassy will be able to contact and direct you to safety.


Save Emergency Numbers

911 is not a universal number. Save the emergency numbers in your phone of the country you are in. It would be awful to be in an emergency and have no way of contacting officials.

Here is a great list to print out for all your international travels! 


Separate Your Valuables

Crime is prevalent in tourist areas as many locals know to target tourists. Do not keep all your cash/credit cards in one place if your wallet is stolen. Take pictures of all ID’s/passports and store the photos on your phone. Keep printed copies of all ID’s/passports in your hotel room.

How to Travel Safely
Worst case scenario, this disappears. Prepare ahead of time!


Get Travel Insurance

As travel is becoming popular, so is travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover events such as travel delays, trip cancellation, lost luggage, medical emergencies and more. Also, children can potentially be covered depending on the level of coverage. Also, contact a lawyer to see if you are able to be compensated in any sort of accident.

For travel insurance, check out Allianz Classic Travel Insurance. Kids under 18 are covered for FREE! Click here to get a free quote.


Check Your Health Insurance

The last thing you want to happen is to get sick during your adventures. About eight percent of travelers become sick enough to seek medical attention while traveling.

Prepare ahead of time with healthcare options if traveling somewhere new. The last thing you want is to scramble for the best hospital in town.

Travel insurance can be your best friend if you get hurt or sick when traveling internationally because many U.S. based health insurance plans won’t cover you outside of their coverage area.  We use Allianz for our travel insurance needs.  Use our referral link to check out the best deals on Allianz Travel Insurance.

Allianz Travel Insurance

If your current carrier does not cover you in traveling, there is supplemental coverage you can purchase online.


The Bald Thoughts

We want all of our readers to learn how to travel safely. Traveling domestically or internationally can be the greatest experience of your life. Unfortunately, there can be dangers going into different countries/states. As with anything, do your homework beforehand. These tips on how to travel safely can assist in making your trip as enjoyable as possible.


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