The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Travelers in 2023

Radisson Blu Aruba beach Lee with Timothy and Scarlett
Nothing makes me happier than being able to spend time with the kids. This pic is from the beach at the Radisson Blu Aruba.
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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so time is running out to buy a gift. Don’t settle for cologne, a tie, or some other cliche gift. Instead, buy them something that they’ll enjoy and think of you every time they use it. Here’s my list of the best Father’s Day gifts for travelers that work for every budget.

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Travelers

Whether you’re Richie Rich or a “baller on a budget,” there’s something for everyone on this list of the best Father’s Day gifts for travelers. Some items are included for free with your travel credit cards, while others are on the luxury side. No matter what you choose, your Dad (or someone filling that role) will love it.

Global Entry or TSA PreCheck

For frequent fliers, waiting in line at airport security is one of the worst parts of traveling. A TSA PreCheck membership provides access to expedited security lanes where you don’t need to remove your shoes or liquids and electronics from your bag. Membership costs $78 for five years, which breaks down to less than $16 per year.

Global Entry is for international travelers and includes TSA PreCheck. This membership program also provides expedited screening at U.S. Customs when returning from a foreign country. It costs $100 for five years.

Many travel credit cards reimburse Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fees. And the best part is that you can pay for anyone’s application fees and still get reimbursed.

You don’t have to choose between Global Entry vs. TSA PreCheck vs. CLEAR. For an even higher level of service, pair Global Entry or TSA PreCheck with a CLEAR membership. This third-party program uses biometric screening to identify members at airports, sporting events, and other venues. At the airport, it streamlines airport security whether you’re using the TSA PreCheck lanes or regular security.

Best Father's Day Gifts for Travelers. CLEAR Miami Airport June 2019 Julissa Sanchez signing up
Julissa signing up for CLEAR at Miami Airport on our way to St Kitts

Unbound Merino hoodie

I love functional clothing that looks and feels great. Having comfortable clothing on your flight makes all the difference. Unbound Merino has a variety of clothing styles for men and women, like hoodies, shirts, pants, dresses, and more.

A few months ago, I received this Unbound Merino hoodie (affiliate link) before one of my flights. It kept me warm and cozy during the flight, and I was able to block out the light so I could grab a quick nap before we landed. Visit their website to explore their clothing options for your Dad (and yourself).

Best Father's Day Gifts for Travelers. Unbound Merino hoodie
I love the feel of this Unbound Merino hoodie. Kept me warm and cozy on my flight to Phoenix.

Get Out Pass subscription

One of the best Father’s Day gifts for travelers is a year’s worth of experiences that you can do as a family. With the Get Out Pass, you get free admission to dozens of attractions in your local area. There are almost 40 different passes throughout the U.S. to choose from, including Tennessee, Southern California, Florida, and Dallas.

Use the promo code “BALD” at checkout to get the best available discount. For Father’s Day, you’ll save 45% off your Get Out Pass. In Tennesse, it includes free admission to Nashville Shores, Treetops Adventure Park, Kentucky Kingdom, axe throwing, laser tag, obstacle courses, and so much more. Read my review of the Tennessee Get Out Pass.

Best Father's Day Gifts for Travelers. Get Out Pass gives one free admission to Kentucky Kingdom each year.
Ride the coasters at Kentucky Kingdom for free with the Get Out Pass. Photo courtesy of Kentucky Kingdom.

FlasKap Tumbler & Liquor Kap

Whether you’re hitting the beach, hotel pool, or the pool in your neighborhood, Dads don’t like to run out of their favorite drinks. Especially when each drink can be $10 or more! With the FlasKap Tumbler & Madic Liquor Kap, you have access to plenty of drinks all day. Refill your tumbler with soda, juice, or any other drink, then push the Madic Liqour Kap button to splash 1 ounce of liquor at a time.

We took these to Cabo with us in July and easily saved over $200 at the hotel bar. I bought the FlasKap Volst Tumbler and 9-ounce Madic Liquor Kap combo to have easy access to my favorite tequila. Anna re-used her Yeti tumbler and added a 6-ounce Madic for vodka and OJ. You can buy them directly from FlasKap, or they’re also available on Amazon (affiliate link).


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Portable battery pack

One of the best Father’s Day gifts for travelers is knowing that they’ll never run out of juice for their favorite electronics. As someone that heavily relies on their phone while traveling, I’m always worried about my battery dying in the middle of directions, a photo session, a social media post.

My favorite portable battery pack is this Ultra Slim USB C 10,000mAh Power Bank that Anna found on Amazon (affiliate link). What I love most about it is that it has a built-in plug for the wall and includes three different types of cables, so it is compatible with Apple, USB-C and Google devices. There’s even a 20% off coupon right now!

Another option is this Mophie Powerstation XXL Power Bank (affiliate link), which stores 20,000mAh of power and includes two USB-A and one USB-C connection. You have to supply your own charging cables, but this power bank can power just about any device. My son uses it for his Switch, and we all use it for our iPads and mobile phones. Amazon is currently offering $20 off, which saves about 40% off the normal price!

Nomatic travel backpack

I swapped out my old “school” backpack for a trendy and stylish Nomatic travel backpack and haven’t looked back since. It features a built-in laptop sleeve, has 24 compartments for all my travel gear and paperwork, and expands from 20 to 24 liters with a simple zipper.

Nomatic offers a lifetime warranty on its products, and there’s a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. But I know you will. I’ve been traveling with mine for several years now, and it’s still amazing. Get one for your favorite traveler and save up to 40% off during the Nomatic Summer Sale (affiliate link).

Best Father's Day Gifts for Travelers. Nomatic travel backpack
Getting some work done in the airport lounge with my Nomatic travel backpack.

Priority Pass membership

One of the best ways to improve the airport experience is to have access to an airport lounge. Instead of waiting in the terminal on uncomfortable seats, you can visit an airport lounge to get comfy seating, free drinks & snacks, and enjoy other amenities before your flight. Priority Pass has more than 1,200 participating locations in the U.S. and around the world. This makes an airport lounge membership one of the best Father’s Day gifts for travelers who like to be spoiled.

While you can buy a Priority Pass membership or a limited-time pass, many travel credit cards include Priority Pass airport lounge access for free. Depending on the card, you’ll either get a Priority Pass Select annual membership or a limited number of visits each year. While there are numerous restaurants included in the list of Priority Pass lounges, not all credit cards that offer these benefits, include access to the restaurants.

Priority Pass Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse LAX 13-8039
Priority Pass Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse LAX. Photo courtesy of Priority Pass.

Hop Passport

Hop Passport encourages beer lovers to try out new breweries in their local area. With a fun paper passport or digital version, you get 50% off your first two beers at participating breweries. Hop Passport has several passports available across the U.S. You can buy individual states, different regions, or get a passport that covers the entire U.S.!

I love supporting small businesses, and this Father’s Day gift for travelers supports small businesses two ways. Beyond buying from Hop Passport, you’ll also visit numerous craft breweries in your area to support their love of good beer. Plus, having a Hop Passport gives your Dad a reason to get out of the house and explore. Use promo code “BALD” to save 20% off your passport.

Best Father's Day Gifts for Travelers. Jackalope Brewing beers on patio with Hop Passport
Hanging out on the patio at Jackalope Brewing in Nashville. Get 50% off your first two beers with Hop Passport.

SandCloud towels

At the pool or the beach, nothing beats having a SandCloud towel to dry off on. These premium towels are ultra-absorbent Turkish cotton that actually get softer every time you wash them. They come in numerous designs and sizes, so there are plenty to choose from when you’re picking out the best Father’s Day gift for travelers in your family.

They sell beach towels, ponchos, bags, aprons, robes, and so much more. You can even get a Star Wars-themed towel for the Wookie in your life. Plus, SandCloud donates 10% of all profits toward marine conservation, which is awesome!

Best Father's Day Gifts for Travelers. Panama City Beach - Club Wyndham - Timothy and Scarlett with SandCloud June 2021
Timothy and Scarlett with SandCloud beach blankets in Panama City Beach.

The Bald Thoughts About the Best Father’s Day Presents for Travelers

These are my choices for the best Father’s Day gifts for travelers. I own and use these products on a regular basis, and I recommend them to my friends and family all of the time. They make travel better, and they save me time, money, and frustration on every trip that we take. So, consider getting one or more of these gifts for the Father-figures in your life. They’ll definitely be happy.


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