How to get free GoGo Wi-Fi on your next flight

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We all love accessing the Internet, but checking your email and surfing the web can be expensive when you’re up in the air.  GoGo Wireless offers access by the hour, day, or monthly options.  Here are 3 options to get GoGo Wireless internet for free on your next flight.

What is GoGo Wireless?

GoGo Wireless is the dominant provider of in-flight internet.  They offer internet access on internet equipped planes from American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, and Virgin America.


You can rent GoGo by the hour for $5, or you can buy access good for 24 hours for $16.  And monthly plans start at $49.95 per month and go up to $79.95 if you want access on multiple international airlines.

It’s good that these options are available, but I’d rather get my internet for free!  Let’s focus on free so that you save that money towards better goals.  I save my extra cash in CapitalOne360’s no-fee savings’ accounts.  Use my referral link to get $25 for opening your CapitalOne360 account.


T-Mobile users – 1 hour of wi-fi

While flying home from the Hyatt Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica on Alaska Airlines, I turned on my T-Mobile phone and was offered the option of getting a free hour of GoGo wifi for free just for being a customer.  Click here for our referral link to the best web-only deals for T-Mobile.


And if you don’t have T-Mobile, the prices would have ranged from $2 for 30 minutes of wifi to $59.95 to sign up for a multiple domestic airline monthly pass.


Pro Tip:  When you log-in to GoGo, they ask to validate your phone number.  If you have multiple phones on your account (I have 4 and 2 hotspots), you could theoretically use the 1-hour free from each line by entering another of your numbers as your time expires from the previous session.

US Bank FlexPerks Visa – 12 passes per 12 months

While researching for a recent post on the Visa version’s 2016 Olympics promotion, I noticed that the FlexPerks Visa card added some new benefits.  One of the new benefits is that cardholders receive complimentary GoGo In-Flight wi-fi 12 times a year!  I’m totally glad that I was approved for this card during my August 2016 App Party.


The 12 passes must be used within one year of registering and are good for unlimited GoGo use on one flight segment.  To sign up for this valuable benefit, click here to go to the US Bank FlexPerks / GoGo registration page.

American Express OPEN & Corporate Cards – 10 passes each calendar year

Access to complimentary unlimited GoGo in-flight wi-fi is available to 6 different OPEN Small Business and Corporate cards.  If you have one of the following cards, you will receive 10 passes per calendar year that is good for one flight segment each:

  • Business Centurion Card
  • Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN
  • Corporate Centurion Card
  • Corporate Platinum Card
  • Corporate Gold Card
  • Executive Gold Corporate Card from American Express

Note that the Platinum and Centurion cards are eligible for 10 passes per year, while the Gold cards only receive 5 passes per year.  These passes certainly add to the many benefits cardholders receive that reduce the sting of the high annual fees of these cards.


To register your American Express OPEN or Corporate cards, click here to go to the Amex / GoGo registration page.

The Bald Thoughts

In today’s world where our work and personal lives demand constant internet access, know that there are options where you don’t need to pay to use GoGo’s inflight wi-fi internet access.  You can use it for free if you have the right cell phone or credit cards.  Then you can pocket the savings and use that money towards other goals.

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