Free Unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi with American Express

American Express Boingo Wireless
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American Express sent me a mailer the other day offering complimentary, unlimited wi-fi access when you enroll in the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan.  If you travel a lot, you know that wi-fi access is key to staying caught up with work, family, and daily life.  Free is awesome… and, besides, who wants to pay $10-30 a day for wi-fi?

American Express Boingo Wireless

Details of the Boingo offer from American Express

You can receive wi-fi access on up to 4 devices at more than 1 million hotspots worldwide without paying for wi-fi!  Sweet!!!

Who’s eligible for this offer?

If you have an American Express card, confirm your eligibility by going to and creating your account.

I believe I was offered this promotion thanks to the American Express Business Platinum card I received during my August 2014 app party where I received 370,000 miles and points.

What does Boingo Wireless normally cost?

The Unlimited Plan is normally $9.95 a month, so this free benefit is a $120 annual value.

American Express Boingo Wireless pricing plans


I like my American Express cards, but when I get extra benefits that I can use, I like them even more!  Wi-fi access is no longer a luxury in today’s hectic pace of work and life.  Getting free wi-fi from American Express and Boingo Wireless makes life a little bit easier.

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