Earn Up To 50% More Cash Back With Capital One Savor Card

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Family dinner at (formerly Kimpton) Tideline in West Palm Beach.
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The Capital One Savor Card has been the perfect cash back credit card for foodies since its introduction. It offers unlimited 4% cash back on all of your dining and entertainment purchases, plus bonus cash back on groceries. Starting today, the card is even better! It now earns 4% cash back on popular streaming services and 3% cash back on groceries. That’s a 50% increase on your supermarket purchases with no caps on how much you can spend.

Top 8 Benefits of the Capital One Savor Card

While the Capital One Savor Card is a pretty straightforward cash back credit card, it has several attractive benefits that readers love.

Unlimited 4% cash back on dining, entertainment, and streaming services

You’ll earn 4% cash back on all of your dining, entertainment, and eligible streaming purchases with no caps. Dining purchases include restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, fast-food chains, and bakeries. Entertainment is a pretty broad category, but movie tickets, pro sports, theater tickets, amusement parks, bowling alleys, aquariums, and tourist attractions are just a few of the eligible locations.

Streaming purchases is a new addition to the 4% cash back category for the Capital One Savor. Purchases made from eligible music and video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ earn this bonus cash back. However, Amazon Prime Video, AT&T TV, and Verizon FIOS On Demand do not count.

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Earn unlimited 4% cash back when eating out

50% more cash back on groceries with the Capital One Savor Card

Previously, you only earned 2% cash back on groceries with the Capital One Savor Card. Now, the bonus cash back has been increased by 50% to an unlimited 3% on every eligible purchase. Supermarkets, meat lockers, specialty markets, and more all now earn 3% on every transaction. Superstores like Walmart and Target don’t count because they’re more of a general store that happens to sell some groceries.

Earn 8% cash back on tickets through Vivid Seats

When you’re ready to start attending concerts and sporting events, buy your tickets through Vivid Seats to earn 8% cash back on every transaction. There’s no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn and the promo runs through January 31, 2022.

Because there’s no special link you have to click, you can double up on the rewards by using a shopping portal like TopCashback (referral link) before you buy.

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Anna and me at the Allianz Stadium for a rugby match between the Australia Kangaroos vs New Zealand Kiwis

Generous welcome bonus from the Capital One Savor Card

Welcome bonuses when you sign up for credit cards change on a regular basis. As of today, you’ll earn a one-time bonus of $300 after spending $3,000 on the Capital One Savor Card within three months of opening your account. This is a generous bonus for a cash back credit card and it should be relatively easy for most households to meet since it’s only $1,000 per month.

No foreign transaction fees

Whether you’re staying local or traveling internationally, the Capital One Savor Card is a good cash back card for dining, entertainment, and groceries. With no foreign transaction fees, there won’t be any nasty surprise charges on your credit card bill when you get home from vacation. Some credit cards charge up to 3% on every transaction that you make outside of the U.S.

Rewards never expire

As long as your account remains open and in good standing, your cash back rewards will never expire. There’s really no reason to allow your rewards to accumulate unredeemed, so you should log into your account regularly and cash in your rewards. If you’re saving up for a trip or some other purchase, transfer your rewards into an online savings account to earn some interest. Or you can use the Bask Savings Account to earn airline miles instead of interest.

Purchase benefits

Not only will you earn cash back on your purchases with the Capital One Savor Card, but eligible purchases also receive additional benefits. You will receive a complimentary one-year extended warranty on eligible items. This benefit will save you money by being able to decline the extra warranty at checkout.

And you can download the Capital One Shopping tool which automatically applies available coupon codes to your order. Personally, I use Rakuten’s online shopping tool instead. Use my Rakuten referral link to get a $30 welcome bonus after making at least $30 in purchases within 90 days.

Free virtual card numbers

Shopping online or over the phone can be risky with the wrong retailers or when your WiFi connection isn’t secure. Free virtual card numbers from Eno and Capital One protect your personal information by creating a temporary card number that can only be used by that merchant. If someone steals your info, they won’t be able to use that virtual card number. Not only will this protect your account, but it will save you the hassle of canceling your card and updating all of your recurring charges that post to the account.

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Hate annual fees? Try the Capital One SavorOne instead

While the Capital One Savor Card has many attractive benefits, it does have a $95 annual fee. Some readers won’t spend enough on the card to offset the annual fee, so it doesn’t make sense for them.

The Capital One SavorOne Card offers many of the same features, benefits, and bonus spending categories, but without an annual fee. Here are the card’s details:

  • Unlimited 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, streaming, and groceries
  • Welcome bonus of $200 after spending $500 in three months
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Rewards don’t expire
  • 0% APR promo on purchases for 15 months

The Capital One SavorOne has a lower one-time bonus and reduced earnings on dining, entertainment, and streaming services, but it’s basically the same card beyond that. Plus, it comes with a 0% APR promotion on purchases for 15 months, which gives you more than a year to pay off your purchases without paying any interest.

The Bald Thoughts on the Capital One Savor Card

The Capital One Savor Card has been the perfect cash back credit card for foodies and people who love to go out and have fun. With the increased cash back on streaming services and groceries, even more readers will be able to benefit from this credit card. Whether you choose the Savor or SavorOne card, the earnings power of these cash back credit cards is hard to beat.


    • I agree. For most people, the SavorOne is the better card. The Savor has a more lucrative welcome bonus, but that’s only during the first year. Beyond that, you’d have to spend $700-800 per month on dining and entertainment just to break even on the $95 annual fee.


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