JetBlue schedule extended to June 2018

JetBlue schedule

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If you’re looking to book Spring Break, Memorial Day, and summer vacations with JetBlue, now is your chance because the JetBlue schedule extended to June 2018.

JetBlue schedule extended to June 2018

JetBlue schedule extended to June 2018

With the JetBlue schedule extended to June 2018, you have so many destinations to start booking.  I haven’t booked Spring or Summer trips yet, so this is a great opportunity to book Spring Break, Memorial Day, and June vacations before the best availability is taken by someone else.

If you need to book a trip further into Summer, this is your warning to start saving your money or earning more miles so you can book Father’s Day, 4th of July, and the rest of the Summer once those dates are released in the next couple of months.

To book your tickets, go to JetBlue’s home page and search for your preferred travel dates.  There are no special codes or links you need to use.

The Bald Thoughts

Unlike traditional airlines, JetBlue and Southwest released their schedules in batches instead of a rolling 330 days out.  I recommend taking a look at your preferred dates of travel now that the JetBlue schedule extended to June 2018.  Then, when the next sales appear, jump in and book your upcoming vacation!

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  1. Unfortunately, it’s only extended through June 13th 2018, not the entire month of June. I know this because I want to travel between June 9th and June 16th 2018, so I have to wait until the next schedule is released.

  2. I always thought it was less expensive to book the round trip flight instead of one leg at a time? I too have a trip planned for the same time frame and would like to see what JetBlue offers before booking another return from another carrier… Any ideas when the rest of June will be released?

    • Every carrier is a little different about booking. Play around with the fares and see which options work best for you. Some airlines don’t even let you book one-ways for less! They charge you the same amount whether you are flying one-way or a round-trip.

      The rest of June will most likely be released in a couple of months. That seems to be the schedule for JetBlue and Southwest… every couple of months, they extend the schedule a few more months.


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