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With the launch of my new podcast, We Travel There, we’re holding a sweepstakes. During the podcast, I interview local experts from around the world to uncover the best things to do in their city from a local’s point of view. We want to help our listeners travel like a local. The winner will receive a $200 gift card to the airline of their choice.

The We Travel There Podcast

The We Travel There Podcast helps people travel like a local. Our time is precious, and life is too short to eat nasty food. Instead of eating at some random restaurant that may or may not be good, hear our local experts share the places that locals know and love.

Locals always know the best attractions and can share some really cool experiences that you shouldn’t miss. And they know ways to save money and time to help you have an even better travel experience.

In 6 short weeks, we’ve released 17 episodes and have exceeded 2,000 downloads. We’re gaining momentum, and I look forward to having even more listeners join us when we travel there!

Big thanks to Ed Pizza (Pizza in Motion, Now Boarding, and Miles To Go), Pete McPherson of Do You Even Blog, and Steve Stewart for all of their help in making this podcast dream come true.

Cities We’ve Interviewed

Each episode is 30 minutes or less, so you can easily listen to them on the plane, during your commute, or while exercising. Episodes are released every Monday to help you start your week.

Red – podcasts released. Green – recorded. Yellow – scheduled. Blue – in process.

Click on this interactive map to see the cities that we’ve released, already interviewed, and are in process of recording.

We’re always looking for more guests to share their local knowledge. If you’d like to be a guest, or know someone who would, please share your contact information here.

Best Things to Do in Cancun Mexcio Jay Kai One type of Cenote
Jay Kali jumping into a cenote in Cancun, Mexico.

Here are the most popular episodes so far:

New cities are being added all of the time, so subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform to be the first to find out.

Reviews of the We Travel There Podcast

Here are some of the latest reviews of the We Travel There Podcast from iTunes:

  • We love to travel and this podcast is the best way to know what to do everywhere you go!
  • I love it when I meet locals and get tips and tricks where I go. I am so excited that there’s a podcast that captures the excitement of locals sharing their hometowns. I subscribed and can’t wait to hear more!
  • I love Lee’s manner, his guests, and their stories, and the idea that I have an inside scoop for when I travel! It’s like a diary of great places to explore someday. In the meantime, I get to listen to great stories from people who know the amazing places!
  • Just what I need another podcast that is addictive and adds yet more places for me to visit! lol Seriously, well done, fun to listen to and the first travel podcast that actually gives a feel for a place and really makes me want to visit.

Take a listen to the Cancun, Mexico episode with Jay Kali so you can sample the podcast and judge for yourself.

$200 Airline Gift Card Sweepstakes

Today, October 31, 2018, is the final day to enter into this sweepstakes. Follow the instructions below to enter. One winner will be selected and announced within 7 days of the contest end date. We will contact the winner to ask for their favorite airline and buy an airline gift card for them.

We Travel There Podcast Launch Sweepstakes

If your favorite airline does not have a gift card available, or it is too difficult to acquire, we reserve the right to request an alternative from you or substitute it with an Amazon gift card.

The Bald Thoughts

Podcasting has been a wonderful way to learn about cities and meet cool people. To be honest, I had never thought of visiting some of the cities on the list, but after speaking with our local experts, I’m excited to visit.

I love that the podcast is inspiring people to travel and helping them to develop a deeper connection with the cities that they visit. Please give the podcast a chance and let me know what you think in the comment section below.


  1. I didn’t see a comments section on the Denver podcast post, but living here, that one is really hit and miss.

    Generally, the dining suggestions are great, with a variety and several non-obvious places. Hotel suggestions are similarly good. But what to do is weak, and it includes random stuff far from the city.

    Also, the statement “Denver International Airport, which is very close to downtown” is hilarious: although linked by a fast, cheap train, the only major US airport further from the downtown of the city for which it’s named is Dulles.

    • Lenin, thanks for sharing. I made some updates based on your feedback. Not sure what’s wrong with the comments section, but I’ll take a look.

      Each of my guests has a definite slant towards one thing or another. Some are more foodie-oriented, while others focus on things to do or see. The show is designed to have multiple guests cover the same city, so if you’d like to share some better things to do in Denver, I’d love to interview you. You can sign up here.

    • If you feel that you have a lot of value to share, then I’m ok with that. I’ve recorded a few episodes of people that don’t live in the city or have moved. What city do you have in mind?


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