With Southwest, It Doesn’t Pay To Wait To Book

Southwest SNA to MSP 11k
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As part of our efforts to visit each stadium and arena of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, we’re planning a trip to Minnesota to catch a game later this year.  I had researched prices about a month or so ago and found tickets for 7500 miles each way.  We have a Southwest Companion Pass, so it would be a super inexpensive weekend.  This is especially true since we would be using one of our free nights from a BOGO from Club Carlson we earned in December 2012 to stay at the new Radisson Blu Mall of America.

Radisson Blu Minneapolis

Well, with Southwest, it doesn’t pay to wait to book your flight

When I found that flight for 7500 miles each way, I should have bought the ticket, talked to my wife at a later time, and canceled without penalty, if need be.

I wasn’t able to speak with her for a few days.  By the time we discussed the potential travel plans, and I was able to book the flight, the ticket prices had increased to 12,000 points each way.  No way would I pay 60% more in points than I had just found a few days earlier!!!

So, I continued to wait for prices to come down.  BIG MISTAKE.  The prices increased to 18,000 points each way.  HOLY SMOKES, now the tickets would be 140% more than what I originally found.  What was I going to do?  Would we have to change plans?  Maybe go visit Chicago instead?

I waited some more, knowing that fare prices fluctuate regularly.  My patience paid off.  The prices had come down to 14,000 points each way.  Better, but not good enough for me to pull the trigger.  I was still contemplating whether to cancel completely, or visit another city where I could find a better deal.

Well, today, the prices finally fell to an acceptable level.  I found flights at 10,920 each way.

Southwest SNA to MSP 11k

I’m still focused on finding a better deal… but, at least now the plans can continue, and we can find tickets to the game.

This is why, with Southwest, it doesn’t pay to wait to book your flight.  If you find a deal, take comfort in your ability to cancel and/or change your flight without penalty, and book it immediately.  Then, continue to monitor the flight to see if you can rebook at a lower rate.

Has this happened to you?  Or, were you able to secure a great price, before rates went way up?  Let’s talk about it.

My experience with losing the price is definitely a 1 Razor, but being able to re-book at no cost on Southwest is 5 Razors.  So, this experience is 3 Razors.  If I can re-book closer to 7500 each way… 5 Razors may be in the future!



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