Southwest Tests Family Boarding Changes, Keep These in Your Carryon Bag, TikTok Pillow Hack

Southwest Airlines 737MAX
Photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines.
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10 things to keep in your carry-on in case of flight cancellation or delay during the holidays.

I’m #TeamCarryon all the way, but sometimes it makes sense to check your bags. If you check your bags, this list helps ensure that you’re taken care of in case your flight is delayed or canceled, your suitcase is lost or stolen, or anything else that can occur. When our kids were young, one of them got sick and threw up all over me. It was like a bucket of water was poured on me. Of course, we had checked bags for that red-eye flight, so I didn’t have any clothes to change into. Luckily, a person across the aisle had mercy on my soul and gave me a clean shirt to change into. Ever since then, I’ve been much better prepared when checking luggage.

Southwest Tests Moving Family Boarding Forward.

I think that this change would be awesome for families. Under current rules, families currently get to board after A1-60 is finishing boarding, which is good enough to find seats together on most direct flights. However, if you’re boarding a flight with “through passengers” already on the plane, it can be a challenge getting everyone to sit together.

Southwest Airlines plane in sky 1200x800
Photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

Why you should carry a backup credit card while traveling.

A lot of my friends carry only one credit card because they’re recovering spenders. They don’t want to get into debt, so they eliminate the temptation by limiting how much they can spend. When you’re traveling, you need to have multiple credit cards with you. Having two or more cards protects you if one is lost, stolen, or cut off by the card issuer by fraud alerts. And this is especially true if your primary card is Amex, Discover, or others that aren’t as widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard.

I’m canceling my Disney World annual pass after 11 years. Here’s why my family is finally done with the parks.

I grew up having annual passes to Disneyland, which were less than $200 per year way back then. Going to Disney is a dream for most kids, and having an annual pass makes the trip way more affordable. However, it is a shame how complicated things have become for visitors to Disney theme parks. Between upgrades, reservations, Lightning Lanes, digital ordering, and everything else, I can see why people aren’t renewing their annual passes or choosing other destinations for their vacation plans.

You’ll Never Need to Pay a Checked Bag Fee Again Thanks to This TikTok Trend — Really.

Ok, this is the dumbest trend I’ve seen in a while. Yes, you can bring a pillow onto the plane, but most airlines count this as a “personal item” that can fit under the seat. Do you know what else counts as a personal item? A carry-on bag, backpack, or other small bag. Just act like an adult and pack a real suitcase and bag instead of trying to be cute and think you’re fooling anyone.

Thinking of getting a new credit card?

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  1. I knew things had gotten worse at Disney but I missed the magnitude of just how bad. Reading about it makes me much less inclined to visit Disney World at all. That’s a huge shame.

    • I agree. I figured that it would be crowded with so many people wanting to visit after COVID. But the myriad of hurdles makes it seem like an unpleasant experience — reservations, apps, long lines, etc.


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