Plane-Spotting Paradise, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Track Flights Without an App

Kimpton Overland Hotel Presidential Suite exterior of hotel
The Kimpton Overland Hotel is one of my favorites for planespotting.
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The Morning Shave

Plane-spotting paradise: Why this hotel rooftop bar is my favorite new AvGeek spot. – I’ve stayed at the Kimpton Overland hotel a few times. Sadly, the rooftop bar has never been open whenever I’ve been there. However, you can walk out and enjoy geeking out on watching the planes land. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a room with the same view.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Allows Public on Plaza for First Time in a Century. – What a special moment for those who were able to attend. And that it happened just before Veteran’s Day makes it even more memorable. If you haven’t visited Arlington Cemetary and witnessed the changing of the guard, I highly recommend it. It is a somber reminder of the sacrifices that our military family and friends have made to defend our country.

Easy hack to track flights without an app. – Tracking your flights provides early notice on whether or not your plane will depart on time. This is especially important during the busy holiday travel season or when there’s bad weather impacting flights. While there are numerous apps that provide this feature, here’s a quick & simple way to track your flight with features that you already have on your phone.

Hotel CEOs on the future of travel and managing guest expectations. – Let’s face it, hotels want to charge us as much as they can, while providing as few benefits as possible in order to maximize profits. They keep tinkering with prices, benefits, and loyalty programs to find the “right” balance. Just enough to keep us coming back for more and to stay “loyal” to the brand.

Why Everyone Is Suddenly Flying Premium Economy. – Travelers want more space and they have a little bit of wiggle room in the budget after not spending much on travel the last 2 years. Plus, those stimulus checks are going to spend themselves! Airlines are also making the choice easier by providing some extra perks for booking the higher cabin ticket and pricing them within reach of the average traveler.

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