Packing Cubes Work For Both Suitcases And Backpackers!

packing cubes
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We all have struggled with packing at one point or another. Should we be packing more or packing less? I vote for packing less. Especially since my wife and I have ditched the suitcase life and moved to Osprey 55 liter backpacks. These backpacks provide several different benefits, but, mostly, forces us to pack less and be more efficient in packing. Packing cubes helped us make the most out of our luggage and made it easier to reach items at the bottom without causing a mess with the rest of our clothing.

My wife has been begging me to try packing cubes for a while. I resisted for a while but knew we needed to pack smartly for our long vacation in Australia. I reached out to my friends at JetLaggedBuddy and they hooked my wife up with their signature Packing Cube system for us to try!

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Packing Cubes Work Better Than I Thought

I’ve wondered for myself if these cubes actually “work”. In essence, they compact your clothes and goodies to save airspace in your backpack or suitcase.

My wife and I recently traveled to Australia for 10 days, and her packing cubes absolutely worked! She was able to get all 10 days into the cubes below. Then she easily arranged them to fit into her backpack comfortably.

I was skeptical at first. But after seeing first hand that packing cubes work, I am a believer!

packing cubes

packing cubes

packing cubes

packing cubes
Backpack ready to go!

One unexpected benefit of using packing cubes is that she was able to keep dirty clothes separated away from clean clothes. This is important if you are traveling somewhere warm/hot as you don’t want your sweaty clothes next to your clean clothes.

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Packing cubes work just as well for suitcases. Here is a sample of the packing cubes in a suitcase.

packing cubes

The Bald Thoughts

Before our experience using packing cubes, I thought they were just a gimmick. But after using them during our 10-day Australian vacation, I’m going to use them all of the time now. Our friends at Jetlaggedbuddy are offering our readers a 10% discount off their next purchase with the promo code “BALDTHOUGHTS10” or you can follow the link here.


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