Qatar Airways Qsuites Review

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For my trip to the Maldives, I flew Qatar’s brand new Qsuites product from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to Doha, Qatar (DOH) before making the final shorter flights to MLE. This one-way flight was 70,000 American Airline miles and booked on In this article, I share why I believe that the Qatar Airways Qsuites is such a great value and better than some First Class flights I’ve taken.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to book this flight over at TheFrugalGuys.

How I Flew To The Maldives From Chicago

Although this review focuses on the Qatar Airways Qsuites, I also flew on other airlines to arrive at my final destination of the Maldives.

After arriving in Doha from Chicago, I flew Qatar to Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka (CMB). And for the final leg of the journey to the Maldives, I chose Sri Lankan Airlines from CMB to Velana International Airport in the Maldives (MLE).

Onboard With The Qatar Airways Qsuites

Once I was on board, I went over to my seat and to take a look at where I’d be spending the next 13 hours. Don’t worry, the seat is way more spacious than it looks in this picture.

Qatar Qsuites review window seat
My seat. A lot more spacious than it looks.

The Qsuites are laid out in such a manner that the window seats are single on either side of the plane while the middle seats are for those traveling together. In fact, if you are booking a ticket for just one person, the middle seats will be blocked out for you.

Qatar Qsuites review middle seats beside my aisle seat
The middle seats besides my aisle seat

Dinner Service on Qatar Airways Qsuites

There were a lot of drink options and a menu to choose from. Qatar is one of those airlines that offers dine-on-demand.

One of the perks I really liked is that you get to choose when you want to eat instead of them choosing a time for you. This comes in really handy if you’ve already enjoyed a great meal in the airport lounge and aren’t hungry right away. Or if you rushed to the airport and ran out of time to eat before your flight.

Qatar Qsuites review dinner shrimp starter
Shrimp starter
Qatar Qsuites review dinner seafood appetizer
Seafood Appetizer
Qatar Qsuites review dinner rice entree
Rice Entree

Sleeping On Qatar Airways Qsuites

After dinner, I decided to get several hours of sleep. The bedding was great, the blanket was extremely comfortable. Soft and fluffy is the best way to describe it.

However, I did find the bed to be slightly narrow as the foot cubby wasn’t very wide. At least it was wider than most other business class seats I’ve experienced.

The storage compartment beside the seat rubbed against my shoulder when I tried to turn. Minor problems, though, because I was able to sleep very well.

Qatar Qsuites review seat in bed mode
Seat in bed mode

Breakfast On Qatar Qsuites

When I woke up, a flight attendant came to ask me about breakfast. I ordered fruits and pastries with a traditional Arabic breakfast.

Qatar Qsuites review fruit and pastries
Fruit and Pastries
Qatar Qsuites review Arabic breakfast
Arabic breakfast

Booking The Qatar Airways Qsuites

Although I made several stops along the way and flew on two different airlines, it was all on one itinerary. Believe it or not, this one-way award redemption was only 70,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles plus $50 – $75 for taxes and fuel surcharges.

a screenshot of a computer
70K Miles one way

I booked the flights through and found the availability by searching each date until I found one that has a Qatar Airways (QR) flight. You can read the detailed process I used to book the Qatar Airways Qsuites by clicking this link.

The AAdvantage miles were pretty easy to earn since American partners with both Citibank and Barclays to issue credit cards. Each bank offers several different versions of the American Airlines credit card that appeal to consumers and business owners. Click here for the latest credit card offers so you can earn miles towards your next vacation.

The Bald Thoughts

After my almost 22 hour journey, I arrived in the Maldives rested, relaxed, and ready to explore the island. I found the Qatar Airways Qsuites better than many First Class products I’ve tried out. For example, I flew Cathay Pacific First Class a few weeks after this flight. Besides the larger seats and caviar, I found the Qatar Airways Qsuites to be a better experience. Imagine that!

Have you flown the Qatar Airways Qsuites before? What did you think of it? After reading my experience, are you interested in trying the Qsuites for yourself now? Let us know in the comment section below.



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