Kimpton Summer Password 2017

Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Kimpton Summer password 2017 drink ticket
Free drinks at the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco, CA.
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Twice a year Kimpton celebrates the changing of the seasons with the Kimpton Secret Password.  The Kimpton Summer Password 2017 is now available and runs through September 3, 2017.  When you check-in to a Kimpton Hotel, just mention the secret password for a cool surprise.


Kimpton Summer Password 2017

Kimpton announced the Kimpton Summer Password 2017 via social media.  The password is “Sun Salutation” in keeping with their theme of healthy travel and the yoga mats that you’ll find in the closet of every Kimpton Hotel room.

Here is the Facebook post announcing the Kimpton secret password for 2017:

and via Twitter:


My Experience with Kimpton Secret Passwords

My experience is that every Kimpton property treats the Kimpton secret passwords a little differently.  Some properties offer specific items, while others give you options to choose from, and some employees just aren’t paying attention and make it up on the fly.

When I stayed at the Kimpton Journeyman in Milwaukee in January, they offered a basket full of wrapped presents to choose from.  They weren’t anything special, but Scarlett had fun unwrapping it.

Kimpton Journeyman Secret Password goodies
Kimpton Journeyman Secret Password goody basket


But when we stayed at the Kimpton Palomar in San Diego a week earlier, they had a special hot cocoa drink that you could make yourself.

Kimpton Palomar San Diego Secret Password Feeling Toasty surprise

And other properties we’ve stayed at have offered your choice of 1) movie, popcorn, and a drink, 2) free parking, or 3) a couple drinks at the bar.

I stayed at the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake in the first couple of days of the Kimpton Summer Password 2017 promotion, and I think I caught the person at check-in off guard.  He fumbled for a couple of seconds before producing a free drink card.  I’ll take it since I wasn’t renting a car and free parking wouldn’t have been any good for me in such a walkable city like San Francisco.  I ended up using the drink coupon to get an Anchor Steam beer to pair with my burger from Scala’s Bistro, the on-site

So many choices… 🤔 what would you pick at @kimpton @sirfrancisdrakesf @scalasbistrobar? #summersolstice

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The Bald Thoughts

One of the cool perks of being loyal to Kimpton is their fun promotions.  I love the Kimpton Summer Password 2017 because every property participates a little bit differently so there’s some fun in the anticipation of what’s in store.  It’s a little bit like Christmas if you ask me.  If you have plans to stay at a Kimpton property between now and September 3, 2017, mark your calendar and say “Sun Salutation” at check-in to see what surprise awaits you!

Have you participated in one of Kimpton’s secret password promotions before?  If so, which property was it and what did they offer you?

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