How we spent 2 days at Disney World for under $100!

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One of the most expensive parts of a trip to Disney World is buying the tickets.  We all use ways to travel hack our flights and hotels. But, did you know that you can also hack your way into Disney World?  Today, we’re talking about how to use the Disney credit card to get free tickets to Disney World.

Please note that Disney was kind enough to give me 2 complimentary one-day park hopper passes for my honest reviews of the park.  This post shows how I was able to pay for the other two days for my travel buddy and me for less than $100.

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Disney Credit Card: Hacking Disney World


A few months prior, Kiersten and I both applied for the Disney Premier Visa Card and were each approved.

After the initial $500 spend in the first 3 months, we were both awarded $200 gift cards. While there was a $49 annual fee owed, we can say that we received $302 in gift cards ($200 x 2 – $49 x 2 = $302).

A few years ago, I had applied and received the regular Disney Visa card, which awarded me a $50 gift card. I was awarded $51.72 after a few purchases I had made.

Single day pass for 2 days: $211.94 x 2 people = $423.88

$423.88 – $353.72 = $70.16

Disney credit card
The key to our trip!


The Bald Thoughts

Yes, Disney World can be expensive, but with a little planning and the Disney credit card, you can reduce your out of pocket costs tremendously. For those of you that drop their jaws when they hear ‘Disney World for under $100’, this process is EXTREMELY easy and very much worth it. I refuse to pay retail for Disney World, and this is the best way to get around that!

How have you made your Disney vacations more affordable?  Please share your tips in the comment sections below!

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  1. So you really spent under $100 for 1 day as you received $150 per person free from Disney for being a blogger ($100 ticket + $50 hopper upgrade). 2-day hoppers are $250 + tax. I think people are better off using a card like the Barclays arrival card to pay for WDW. Undercover tourist also has had several Amex offers over the last few years….so good to keep an eye out for those.

    • Shaun – Thanks for reading! I actually went for 3 days, and my third day was complimentary being a blogger. These two days were paid out of pocket using the gift cards and then cash for the rest. The 2 days that I paid for were single-park tickets. The complimentary day was a park hopper.

      There are several ways to try and avoid Disney pricing but I found this to be the most effective for my situation.

  2. Is The Disney CC which is a Chase CC under the 5/24 rule? If it affects it why should anyone go with only getting a $200 bonus and ruin being able to gain alot more getting any other CC by any issuer that will affect the 5/24

    • Isaack, thanks for reading! Thankfully, both Disney cards are not covered under the 5/24 rule. Regardless, saving $150/person at Disneyworld is pretty hefty in my opinion. Also, this card has unique benefits for in-park experiences. There is more to this card than the initial offer. Wouldn’t recommend for daily spend by any means.

  3. Brett, thx , however even thou Chase will issue it since its not under the 5/24 , doesnt it count towards the 5/24 meaning if I got that CC along with a Flex,AMEX DL, Barclays Arrvial and say a Citi TY and then apply for a Chase UA , Chase will deny me since Im at 5/24. My pt was 2 fold 1 is it 1 of the 5/24s and 2nd that it will count towards the 5/24. So a person will be selling off 1 of the 5 for a net of $150, Id rather use it for another card where the bang is alot bigger then $150 net

    • Your rationale makes sense, Isaack. I’m pretty limited with which cards I now am eligible for thanks Amex lifetime language, Citi 2-year rule, and Chase 5/24. It’s either proceed forward with getting new cards that aren’t subject to 5/24, wait it out, or focus on business cards. Personally, I’ll be focusing on business cards once I’m finished refinancing my rental property mortgages. What’s your strategy?

      • Really dont have one. Me and Chase havent been on the best of terms even being a CPC with them. Just CXed my Hyatt as the AF would have hit in a week anyways and I gave up with Hyatt once they changed their program. Dont carry an Amex persee will try for the Plat CC next week for 70k Just love USBanks Flex hate the bank and agency handling the tkts but $10k in GCs at supermkts gets a tkt up to $399(20k in pts) and every 10k in pts ups the tkt fare by $200, so Ive gotten some really nice tkts where I earned tons of RDMs (US-Asia) for next to nothing

        Biz CCs are hit or miss if they want biz info sent in which is a concern, just wish other issuers gave out like Chase

        • I hear you, in a big believer in the FlexPerks card too. I have both the Visa and Amex versions. I like how you get $25 in incidentals comp’d when you’re on a flight paid for by FlexPerks points. Hard to beat their effective 4% redemption value (when buying at grocery stores with 2x points earned) if you can find tickets near the break points.

  4. This is pretty awesome Brett! The last time I went to Disney I must have spent $500+ for a day. I don’t have kids so I tend to ignore opportunities like these Disney Credit Cards. It makes total sense for being able to get a lot of value out of the parks! I am glad you had a great time! This just goes to show how valuable miles and points are! Even at an expensive place like Disney!!

    • John, thanks for reading! From the 3 Disney cards total, it was immense value. My travel buddy said she wanted to go to Disneyworld and I nearly pooped my pants just thinking about the costs. The entire trip at retail value for both of us was just over $4,000. No way we could have afforded that. Credit card hacking is the best! Especially when it doesn’t affect 5/24 with Chase.

      Disney is a huge ripoff in my opinion overall. Met people who work in Orlando that know guests that dump $25,000 for a week of Disney. Insane.

      Thanks for reading John!


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