Five of My Favorite Things to Do in Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia is a beautiful island located about 500 miles northeast of Venezuela. U.S News and World Report recently named Saint Lucia the second best place to visit in the Caribbean and the third best beach honeymoon destination. I traveled there last August and found there were enough activities to appease anyone. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Saint Lucia.


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Five of My Favorite Things to Do in Saint Lucia


Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Located in Soufriere, Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens is a six-acre metropolis that’s part of the 2,000-acre land grant presented to the three Devaux brothers in 1713 by King Louis XIV. Besides lush vegetation, you’ll also see stone baths which are believed to host Empress Joséphine Bonaparte, Napoleon’s first wife, when she was as a young girl while visiting her families plantation. Our tour guide, “Alexander the Great,” was full of knowledge and made the experience very entertaining. Alexander is said to be the only man to have climbed both Piton Mountains on the same day and has been featured in National Geographic; you can see a video of him in action below. A tour of the gardens is just $7 USD.




Hike The Pitons

The Pitons are two volcanic mountains that offer breathtaking views of the island from the top. Gros Piton, the taller of the two, is considered easier to hike and can be done without any ropes or climbing experiences. Most of the hike consists of hiking paths but you can expect some steps and to break a sweat, permits and a guide are required and cost about $35 USD. The guides are full of knowledge about the surrounding areas, flora, rock formations, and the mountain’s wildlife.  I’d recommend four hours to complete the hike but vary depending on how much time is spent at the summit. The smaller mountain, Petit Piton is a harder hike as you need to pull yourself over rocks and ascend at very steep angles. Hiking the Pitons is an excellent way to end a day in St. Lucia


Things to Do in Saint Lucia
Exhausted at the top of Gros Piton.


Sulfur Springs Park

Home of the world’s only drive-through volcano, Sulphur Springs Park is the hottest and most geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. Here you’ll hike through the crater close to hot springs and steam vents. The crown jewel of Sulphur Springs Park are the mud baths that hover right around 110 F (43 C), the mud baths are believed to heal sunburns, arthritis, and eczema. Also,  a tour of both the Springs and a visit to the mud baths is just $11 USD.


Things to Do in Saint Lucia
The group post mud bath, featuring war paint added on by some of the locals.



Toraille Waterfall

Located ten minutes away from Sulphur Springs, Toraille Waterfall is a perfect place to relax after an 110-degree mud bath. The waterfall itself is about 25-30 feet tall, not too cold, and offers a nice back or shoulder massage.


Things to Do in Saint Lucia



Rhythm of Rum Tasting

St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies is located in Marigot Bay and offers over 25 rum and rum related products, most available for you to try. The distillery offers facility tours for $6- $10 USD depending on group size and rum tasting for just $2! Unfortunately, the tour wasn’t operating when we were there, but we got our $2 worth with the tasting. Let’s just say the tasting is quite laid back…No bartender and you drink as much as you want, I didn’t have my phone but the image below should set the scene. Trying the 80% ABV Denros Strong Rum is a must. Apparently, it has notes of citrus and spice, but to me, it tasted like what I imagine gasoline would.


This photo of Real St. Lucia Tours is courtesy of TripAdvisor.


The Bald Thoughts

St. Lucia is a beautiful piece of Caribbean paradise that offers activities and sites that will appease anyone. I was there for a week and enjoyed additional activities such as snorkeling and shopping while my girlfriend, sister, and others took part in a Tree-to-Bar Chocolate Experience at Hotel Chocolat. Next time you’re looking for a Caribbean getaway consider Saint Lucia, you won’t be disappointed.

Who has visited Saint Lucia? What were some of your favorite activities?



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