What is the best app for last minute hotels? – Dosh vs Hotel Tonight

Dosh vs HotelTonight app
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I travel all the time, so finding a great deal is mandatory!  I just learned about this new app called Dosh that helps people save money on dining and travel.  So, I wanted to compare the Dosh app against my normal last-minute booking app, Hotel Tonight.  Here’s what I found when trying to determine what is the best app for last minute hotels.

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What is the best app for last minute hotels?

Normally, I use airline miles and hotel points when I travel.  However, there are times when using hotel points to pay for a stay just doesn’t make sense.  For instance, when I traveled to Stockholm, the Club Carlson properties wanted 50,000 to 70,000 points a night when you can book them for cash for less than $100.  I ended up staying at the Hilton Stockholm Slussen instead because it was a great value and provided free breakfast.  If the Hilton option wasn’t available, I would have paid cash for my stay at one of the Club Carlson Radisson Blu properties.

Inside the US, I normally use HotelTonight whenever I have a last minute trip for work.  It provides prices that are generally lower than the normal sites like Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.comPriceline, or Travelocity.

But now that I’ve found Dosh, my strategy may change when I’m trying to determine what is the best app for last minute hotels.


HotelTonight app

HotelTonight offers selected properties in the destination you are searching for.  You can find some pretty amazing deals, especially as your arrival date approaches.  If a hotel cannot sell that room, they’ll get $0 revenue and all of the expenses.  So, some money is better than no money!  That’s where apps like HotelTonight come in to promote these vacant rooms at deep discounts.  HotelTonight’s biggest limitation is that you cannot book rooms more than 7 days out.  But, that means that they focus on what they do best, last minute hotel rooms.

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Dosh app

The Dosh app is very similar to HotelTonight, but it is a more comprehensive app.  Not only can you find great deals on hotel reservations, you’ll also receive cash back once your reservation is completed.  And when you register your credit cards, you’ll also receive cash back when dining out at select restaurants.  I’ve already been surprised to get 7-10% cash back from restaurants that I was going to visit anyway… and that’s on top of the miles and points I earn with my credit cards.  Score!!!

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best app for last minute hotels
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Dosh vs. HotelTonight – What is the best app for last minute hotels?

I wanted to compare the rates and hotels offered between Dosh and HotelTonight to figure out what is the best app for for last minute hotels.  I was thinking of flying out to Las Vegas this weekend to see some friends, so I checked to see what Dosh and HotelTonight offered for a Friday through Sunday last minute hotel reservation.

Dosh was the clear winner for the number of properties offered and the rates on premium properties.  After being spoiled so much at properties like Kimpton, Hilton, and Hyatt, I can’t image staying in a Motel 6 ever again!

HotelTonight offered a total of 15 properties in Las Vegas this weekend, while Dosh offered 33 choices that were 4-Star or better hotels.

best app for last minute hotels - Dosh vs HotelTonight app

For the properties of $150 a night or greater, Dosh generally offered better prices after factoring in the cash back.  For lower-end properties, HotelTonight offered cheaper room rates.

best app for last minute hotels - Dosh vs HotelTonight Las Vegas hotels


The Bald Thoughts

When paying for hotel rooms, you want a great deal.  When deciding what is the best app for last minute hotels, I like the Dosh app because there are so many more choices available.  However, you’re not married or in a committed relationship with either app, so I would recommend using both and booking with whichever app provides you the best deal.  Take note that HotelTonight has a limited offering of properties, so you have a better chance of finding your preferred hotel when booking through the Dosh app than you do with HotelTonight.

If you want to download the HotelTonight app, click here for iPhone and Android versions.  Remember to use my referral code “LHUFFMAN14” to save $25 off your next booking of $135 or more.

To download the Dosh app, please click here for either the iPhone or Android versions.  Remember to add your credit cards that you use for dining out to get even more cash back!

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    • I haven’t taken a look at LMT yet. It’s been on my to-do list. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll do some research on them and post a comparison once my research is complete. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

      • I’ve used LMT in Atlanta and Las Vegas. I find that the further out you book, the cheaper the rate. While they say it’s last minute, I can book today for next January. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but lmt will gradually increase their prices as you get closer to your arrival date.

        • Good to know! Thanks for sharing that tip. I’m going to look for some options for either Father’s Day or 4th of July and see what I can find between the two apps – Dosh and LMT. HotelTonight is out for booking in advance because you can only book within 7 days.

  1. Be careful with Dosh. They often don’t pay out and their customer service is in denial. Lots of portals fail to track purchases, but generally they take care of it if you file a claim. Not Dosh.

    • That sounds horrible Gerald. I haven’t seen that from my experience. I know some people at Dosh and would be willing to make some calls on your behalf if you’d like? Please let me know.


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