My Favorite Lounges Accessible with the Amex Platinum Card

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When you travel a lot, it pays to have a place to unwind and relax before you catch your next flight. Possibly my favorite benefit of the Platinum Card from American Express is the ability to access Centurion and Priority Pass lounges. With over 1,000 Priority Pass Lounges available to cardholders and the luxurious Centurion Lounges, it can be hard to decipher which ones are the best. Here I’ll discuss which lounges I’ve been to thanks to the American Express Platinum and which ones are my favorite.


Honorable Mentions


Seattle Centurion Studio

This Centurion product has recently been rebranded as a Centurion Lounge now that the renovations announced last year are complete. While I hadn’t visited it since the rebrand when I last visited in December, there were plenty of food options available such as salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, muffins, cheese, crackers, and quiches. Also, like many other Centurion Lounges premium drink offerings were available from the complimentary bar. As an early Christmas gift, I was given a branded American Express Centurion Lounge travel charger upon arrival.


Alaska Boardroom LAX

I’m mostly a fan of this lounge as it overlooks the tarmac AND the famous Boardroom Pancake machine. The lounge also features a complimentary full bar with premium drinks available for purchase. The Boardroom offers food options such as salads, crackers and fresh fruits along with pizzas and flatbreads available for purchase.  Unfortunately, it was recently announced that they wouldn’t be accepting accompanying guests due to space constraints.


San Francisco Centurion Lounge 

The second Centurion Lounge to make my list. Visiting San Francisco’s Centurion Lounge is a world-class experience, from handcrafted meals by Daniel Patterson to the available wine tasting, this is one of the best Lounge experiences available. Other amenities include a premium bar, a shower suite, and enough coffee to sedate half of manhattan.

Fun fact: When I was there last September one of the entrance doors was completely shattered! Member services would not elaborate on what happened. 

My Favorite Lounge


Centurion Lounge Miami

This lounge takes the cake as my favorite lounge accessible with Platinum Card from American Express. Similar to the San Francisco Centurion Lounge the Miami lounge features handcrafted meals, premium bar selections, and a shower suite. The Centurion Lounge Miami also features a spa where you receive complimentary 15-minute services such as a deep tissue massage or a pedicure. Last time I was there, the Spa was booked until after my layover but was able to take a shower before my international flight. The Miami Centurion Lounge is my favorite lounge accessible with the Platinum Card from American Express.



The Bald Thoughts

Lounges are one of my favorite parts of traveling, the lounges mentioned above have made my travel experiences more pleasant. There are some awesome Priority Pass lounges available, and I love accessing Centurion Lounges during layovers. You can access these lounges and over 1,000 others with the American Express Platinum Card, you can read about other benefits of the Amex Platinum here. 


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