Don’t Forget The Cables When Packing – Save With MonoPrice Essentials

Monoprice Essentials Collection
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When packing for your next trip, one of the essential items you need but are easy to forget are the cables for your devices. Admit it, you’ve arrived at your destination at least once and totally forgot to bring your phone or tablet charger, right? Well, here’s my suggestion to avoid this issue, buy a couple of extra cables from the Monoprice Essentials Collection and keep one in your backpack and one in your suitcase.

Although this is a sponsored post, I have been buying cables from Monoprice for years because of their affordable quality.

Monoprice Essentials Collection

My wife, Anna, always creates packing lists whenever we travel, but I tend to just grab and go. I do this with confidence because I buy extra cables and leave them in my suitcase, backpack, and vehicle. When you’re buying multiple cables, you want them to be reliable and affordable.

Monoprice Essentials Lightning to USB Cables

Here are some examples of iPhone and iPad cables from Monoprice. I compared the prices to what I could find on Amazon Basics, and Monoprice was a little bit cheaper and everything from the Monoprice Essentials Collection comes with free shipping.

The Monoprice Essentials Collection also includes USB-C cables, Micro B cables, and Mobile Chargers. All for less than $16!

And they all come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t need to worry about buying new ones if they stop working. Monoprice stands behind their products and will replace them for free.

What else does Monoprice sell?

Unlike Amazon, Monoprice focuses on a handful of products so they can offer commercial-grade reliability at an affordable price without having to buy in bulk.

Monoprice sells cables of every type you can imagine for all of your computing, mobile device, and home theater needs. They also offer TVs, speakers, receivers, and projectors to build the home theater you’ve been dreaming of.

Monoprice Essentials TV wall mounts

Personally, I haven’t purchased anything from Monoprice other than cables for my devices, but I’ve been satisfied with both the price and the quality.

Special promotions from Monoprice

Right now, you can get 20% OFF Orders $150+ w/ Promo Code: 20WHITE (5/25 – 5/28) through today or take 20% OFF (Almost) Everything w/ Promo Code: MAY29 (5/29 only).

And if you’ve upgraded to a cell phone that offers wireless charging, you can get wireless cell phone chargers starting at $9.99! Available in black or white. That’s a killer deal!

I’m going to be redoing my home entertainment set-up and will need some new TV wall mounts, so I’ll get using this deal to get free Shipping on all TV wall mounts! They come in Full Motion, Tilt, or Fixed. Limited Time Offer!

The Bald Thoughts

When buying cables to charge your devices or accessories to set up your home theater, go with a company that offers quality products at an affordable price. I love that Monoprice offers free shipping and a lifetime warranty on their Monoprice Essentials product line so that you can buy with confidence.

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