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Today’s post may not be directly travel related, but miles and points have been a blessing in my life. They’ve enabled me to regularly travel from California to the East Coast to see my parents and family. It is hard being on one side of the country while your family is on the opposite coast. And that’s where online support groups, like the American Heart Association support network and others like it, are very valuable.

The American Heart Association does so many things to help patients and families dealing with medical issues of the heart that I wanted to share their good deeds and resources with my readers who may also be dealing with medical issues of the heart.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the American Heart Association; all opinions are entirely my own.

Who does the American Heart Association serve?

Heart attacks, stroke, and many other heart problems can affect anyone. Whether you are young or old. From any country around the world. Male or female. We are all affected by heart disease personally or as a caregiver for someone we love.

American Heart Association support network
Heart disease can affect us all. Who will you turn to for support?

My Family’s Story

My family has been dealing with medical problems of the heart for as long as I can remember.

Heart Murmur

Starting with me… I was born with a heart murmur. From my research, I heard they usually go away as you grow up and then everything is normal. However, it was a total pain to have to take medicine before every dental appointment. Later in life, I took tests that confirmed that the heart murmur was healed, and I wouldn’t have to take medicine any longer before visiting the dentist.

Repeated Hospital Visits

My Dad had a stressful career as a self-employed attorney. And being a bit overweight didn’t help either. He would go in and out of hospitals so often, that it was easy to become numb to it. “Yup, Dad’s in the hospital again. He’ll be out in a couple of days.” Having a family member go to the hospital for something as serious as a heart problem is not something you want to treat as “normal.”

Unfortunately, Dad passed away in 2012 of other medical issues, but he lives on in our hearts.

American Heart Association Support Network. Rose Huffman
My Mom is doing great.

Stroke After Surgery

My Mom had a stroke a couple days after outpatient surgery back in 2000. It was truly scary being woken up in the middle of the night by screaming. Given my Dad’s medical history, I expected it to be him. Instead, it was my Mom convulsing on the ground in a seizure.

The Doctors later told us that she had one stroke at home, another in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and another once she arrived. Luckily, she recovered fully and had no long-term problems.

I readily attribute her excellent recovery to the care she received and that my brother flew from North Carolina to California to stay with her in the hospital.

Never underestimate the power of feeling loved and having the right level of support.

AHA Support Network

And that’s why I was so eager to partner with the American Heart Association in spreading the news about their support network. The internet was not as robust and full of resources back then as it is today, and I didn’t have a good place to turn to for support as a caregiver.

With the American Heart Association’s support network, you can receive the support you need, whether you are a patient or a caregiver, even if you aren’t getting it in real life from family and friends. It’s also a great tool if you don’t feel comfortable burdening others but still need a place to find answers and share your story.

American Heart Association’s support network registration

If you have heart problems or are a caregiver for someone who does, please consider signing up for the American Heart Association support network.

This free service from the American Heart Association offers the following benefits at no charge:

  • Emotional support
  • Practical advice from others
  • Topics that meet your needs
  • Real survivor stories
  • A chance to get your questions answered by healthcare professionals.

When you register, you are also invited to participate in a short research study. It is intended to “evaluate the Support Network and determine if members who use the community increase their Quality of Life and support from before too early after registration.” Once you complete the entire study, you’re entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

The Bald Thoughts

We all need a place to go to for answers and support from people who understand what we’re going through. The American Heart Association’s support network is that place for you if you have heart problems. It is a free resource to get questions answered by medical professionals, to talk with other patients and caregivers, or get the latest news and medical studies.

Please consider joining the American Heart Association’s support network.

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