Air France-KLM Breakup, Virgin Atlantic For Sale, Airbnb Sanitization Plan

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The Morning Shave

Richard Branson races to find Virgin Atlantic buyer. – It hasn’t been a good week for the Virgin airline brands. First, Virgin Australia cancels all flights and now Virgin Atlantic is seeking a new owner. This is horrible news for savvy travelers that use Virgin Atlantic miles to fly on Delta at a lower cost.

Coronavirus Leading To An Air France-KLM Breakup? – I’ve taken some wonderful flights with Timothy and Scarlett using FlyingBlue miles. Most recently, we flew to Amsterdam, Denmark, and Brussels in the fall after buying tickets during a fare sale last summer. This will be a sad loss for the miles and points world.

KLM Business Class ORD to AMS with Scarlett
Scarlett and me on a KLM Business Class from Chicago to Amsterdam

Why Basic Economy Might Be Better (or Worse) After COVID-19 Crisis. – Basic Economy fares have been a thorn in the side of travelers for years. Yes, these no-frills tickets can save money, but you’ll be among the last to board, have to pay for checked bags, and can’t carry on your luggage. Even worse, you can’t change your flight or get a refund. Hopefully, these restrictions change for the better as we come out of coronavirus.

Airbnb to Roll Out Sanitization Plan for Hosts That Would Include 72-Hour Wait Between Stays. – Since Airbnb hosts don’t have the same level of consistency as hotels do for regular cleanings, this rule makes sense. Hotels and home-sharing platforms are going to have to win over travelers by proving that staying there is safe. It’s going to be a challenge.

What economy class could look like after virus. – Airlines are going to have to get creative to create social distancing, while still cramming enough of us on a plane to keep fares low and flights profitable. It’s a delicate balance. Innovations like this could make it easier, but would eliminate the ability to sit close to a loved one, comfort your child during turbulence, and sleep across an empty row on a red-eye. What do you think of this design?

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