Waiting for a Kimpton Karma Surprise…

Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Kimpton Summer password 2017 drink ticket
Free drinks at the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco, CA.
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It’s no mystery that I’m a huge fan of Kimpton Hotels.  But I had something mysterious happen with Kimpton recently.  I try to stay at Kimpton Hotels whenever I can, and I always Tweet with them and memorialize my stays with various pictures on Instagram.  However, this is the very first time I’ve received such a mysterious message from Kimpton.  So, now I’m just waiting for my Kimpton Karma surprise…

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Kimpton Karma Surprise

Here is the email that I received from Kimpton:


A specially curated cocktail box is waiting just for you. Let us know what you’re into and we’ll put together a selection of thoughtfully sourced, handpicked items, personalized to your taste. Or pay it forward and delight someone else.

Just click redeem to get started.

This gift will only be available for 30 days, so what are you waiting for?

Who doesn’t like to unwrap a surprise?

Thanks for being social with us,
Kimpton Karma Rewards

This obviously piqued my curiosity, so I clicked on the link… and, guess what, it is STILL a mystery!

Claiming my Kimpton Karma Surprise

When I clicked on the link, it brought me to a page that offered no real clues… other than knowing a gift is waiting for me.

Well, I could give someone else the gift, but where’s the fun in that?!?!

Kimpton Karma Surprise cocktail home page

After answering a few questions:

  1. Is the gift for me or someone else?  Me.
  2. Do I have a sweet tooth, like coffee, prefer zen, tea time, or cocktails?  Of course, I chose cocktails.  We have WAY too much candy sitting around from Halloween.
  3. Who and where to send the gift?

And that was it.

Kimpton Karma Surprise cocktail shipping soon

No real answers.  It seems like I’ll be finding out what the mystery is in the next couple of weeks because my Kimpton Karma surprise will be shipping out in the next 3 to 5 days.

The Bald Thoughts

Kimpton always finds new ways to surprise their loyal guests.  And with the Kimpton Karma surprises, I hope this continues.  It is so fun interacting with them and the playful banter that we have.  And it is fantastic that Kimpton is now rewarding people that “get social” with their brand.

I don’t know when the surprise will arrive, I’ll be sure to post when it does.  Given my past experiences with Kimpton, I’m sure it will be something pretty awesome!

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