4 Simple Ways to Find Cheap Flights

find cheap flights
find cheap flights
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For those of us on the hunt for the next great deal, there are a ton of ways to find flight deals. While there are so many places to find flights, there are a few I’ve found to be the best. If points, miles, and credit cards aren’t your thing, here are 4 simple ways to find cheap flights.

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Simple Ways To Find Cheap Flights Today!

Using miles and points from credit cards, flights, and promotions isn’t always the best option to book a flight. Sometimes, paying cash when you find cheap flights is a better way to go.

After all, using miles for Business and First Class offers the best return on investment.

Here are some simple ways to find cheap flights:

Google Flights

Google Flights is a great place to find cheap flights! In fact, I always start my next adventure with Google Flights.

The tool is very user-friendly. And, if you have a specific destination in mind, you can set up price alerts to be notified when the price changes.

Check out a great 2-minute tutorial video.


Many of us want to travel but have a limited cash. For me, I’m buried in student loans and my fiance is still in college. We don’t have endless $$$ to be spending on travel.

However, Kayak.com has a great tool for the frugal adventurer.

When typing in your home airport, the destination box will provide you an “anywhere” selection!

find cheap flights
This is a great way to find cheap flights to anywhere you want!

Once you do this, a world map will populate with prices to go wherever you want! I’ve found this to be an extremely fun way to find cheap flights.

find cheap flights
Barcelona for $404 – not bad!



For my travel buddy and I, we have found this to be the best site to find the lowest price. One of the biggest mistakes people do is to only visit one site and assume it is the cheapest.

Momondo is often the cheapest! But always look around to different sites to find the lowest price.

My favorite part is the Flight Insight tool.

Let’s say you are set on going to a specific place. But you want to know when the best time to go based on price. Momondo’s Flight Insight tool will tell you historically when the cheapest time to travel there is!

find cheap flights
How cool is this?!


While you are scrolling through your social media during your day to day, there are many amateur travel hackers in your city!

There are many accounts offer deals and post multiple times a day, such as Secret Flying and The Flight Deal.

Check this article out here for more info on Amateur Travel Hackers in your area!


The Bald Thoughts

Traveling is the cheapest and most accessible it has ever been in history! Airlines are battling for your business, which brings prices down a ton! Yes, traveling CAN be expensive. But, when done correctly, you can accomplish your travel goals and save hundreds of dollars!

Where are you searching for your flights? Let’s hear your searching strategies in the comments!

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