United & Air Canada Codeshares, How to Exploit Bumped Flights, Jet Lag Prevention Tips

Air Canada B787-9-Coastline
Photo courtesy of Air Canada
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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our research to share the best travel tips, tricks, and news with you. Here are the articles for Monday, August 1, 2022, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

Planning a vacation? How to steer clear of hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters. – If you’re planning a trip, the last thing you want is to have it interrupted by a natural disaster. And when you’re booking flights and hotels months in advance, it’s nearly impossible to know when something bad is going to happen in the future. The biggest tips are to follow seasonal trends, book flights with a credit card that offers travel protections, and consider buying trip insurance. Also, try booking refundable reservations so you can cancel without owing anything.

United Airlines and Air Canada Are Making It Easier to Connect Between the U.S. And Canada. – We know that booking United flights using Aeroplan miles is a great way to save money and lower the price on award travel. Now, United and Air Canada are making travel much easier with their expanded codeshare agreement.

United Airlines 737-8_Livery
A United 737-8 on the runway. Photo courtesy of United Airlines.

Points of View: Does paying the taxes and fees on award flights trigger trip protections? – Each credit card has its own rules for coverage limits and when protections begin. And we know that you’re covered when you pay for the entire flight on your card. But, what if you’re booking an award ticket and only pay the taxes? Are you still covered in that situation? Well, it depends on which credit card you’re using.

The Science Behind Who Airlines Bump From Overbooked Flights—and How to Exploit It. – Bumping can be very profitable if you have a flexible schedule. Basically, airlines overbook flights because they know that some passengers won’t make the flight. This way, they can still have a full plane when someone doesn’t make it. If everyone is there, they have more passengers than seats… and this is where you can make some serious money. While most people get a couple of hundred dollars, others have received $10,000 just for taking a later flight.

The Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Jet Lag. – Jet lag can ruin the first couple of days of your trip (or your return home). Follow these simple steps to reduce jet lag and treat the symptoms so that you can enjoy more of your trip.

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