TennFold Brewing Review in Nashville TN

TennFold Brewing exterior
Entrance to TennFold Brewing from back parking lot
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After a long day of kids’ sports, we wanted to find a fun place to grab dinner and enjoy a couple of drinks. We’ve heard good things about TennFold Brewing, but haven’t made it over here yet. In this TennFold Brewing review, I’ll share our experience and our favorite dishes from their extensive food menu.

What is TennFold Brewing?

TennFold Brewing is a local microbrewery and restaurant. They offer a wide variety of local craft brews, custom cocktails, and gourmet appetizers & main course items.

The owners of TennFold Brewing also operate Nectar Urban Cantina, which is just across the street at 206 McGavock Pk, Nashville, TN 37214. Nectar serves cantina-style eats plus healthy juices & bowls, coffee & cocktails.

Where is TennFold Brewing located?

This brewery and restaurant is located in Donelson, which is a short drive from Nashville International Airport and downtown Nashville. The address is 2408 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214.

Indoor dining vs. outdoor patio

The Nashville weather can be pretty fickle throughout the year. Between chilly winters, rainy spring, and humid summers, you never know what you’ll get. The indoor seating is pretty spacious at TennFold Brewing and there’s a nice bar if you’d prefer that instead.

TennFold Brewing indoor restaurant and bar
Plenty of indoor seating plus a bar for cocktails at TennFold Brewing.

If it’s a choice, we select outdoor dining whenever possible. Although it was a bit chilly that morning, it warmed up in the afternoon. And the overhead heaters helped make the crisp evening weather comfortable. We sat outside for a few hours enjoying the food, drink, and conversation and totally forgot about the outside temps. A few guests even brought their dogs with them, so TennFold Brewing is a good place to bring Fido with you.

TennFold Brewing outdoor patio
TennFold Brewing outdoor patio to enjoy the afternoon sun.

What beers does TennFold Brewing offer?

TennFold Brewing offers a mix of in-house brewed beers, a collab with other local breweries, and rotating guest brews.

At this time, the current beer menu includes:

  • Irma Gersh Pils
  • Feast With Friends Lager
  • Howling Winds Scottish Ale
  • Groovy Shade Hazy IPA
  • That Big Feller Over There Barleywine
  • Where the Waters Meet
  • Flat Pedal Golden Ale
  • Southern AF 2.0 – Saison
  • Business Hippie West Coast IPA
  • Hillbilly Disco Vienna Lager
  • The Vikings Horn
  • Shelby Footbridge

And they also have guest taps from local breweries, like Southern Grist, Jackelope, and East Nashville Beer Works.

Our favorite menu items at TennFold Brewing

Guests at TennFold Brewing have a wide selection of menu items to choose from. While some breweries offer just a basic bar menu or rely on food trucks to satisfy your belly, TennFold offers a gourmet menu that any foodie would love. It feels like we ordered one of everything off the menu, and here are our favorites.

Cheese curds

We started off with a couple of appetizers. While cheese anything is pretty tasty, the handmade cheese curds at TennFold were pretty amazing. Our server delivered a tray full of tasty morsels with a side of ranch dressing that our kids devoured. Anna and I had a few but had to stop eating them because the kids were about to bite our fingers.

TennFold Brewing cheese curds

Smoked cauliflower wings

While cauliflower is normally a healthy choice, I’m not sure that still applies when they’re slathered with the TennFold house wing sauce, green onions, and toasted sesame seeds. Either way, they were delicious and had a bit of a kick to them. Our kids normally shy away from spicy food and even they liked the smoked cauliflower.

TennFold Brewing smoked cauliflower wings

Meatball sandwich

Timothy loves meatball sandwiches and this one did not disappoint. We originally ordered the appetizer of meatballs and French bread but he changed his mind once he saw the sandwich. The sandwich was served with a massive order of seasoned fries that Timothy shared with Scarlett. It was a delicious blend of fresh-baked bread, juicy meatballs, and gooey cheese. And was topped with fresh pesto sauce.

This was Timothy’s favorite item from the smorgasbord of items we ordered. He gave it a score of 300 on a scale of 0-200. Timothy ate half and brought the rest home for the next day.

TennFold Brewing meatball sandwich

Pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni pizza is a staple of any visit to a brewery with a kitchen. They offer 14” and 18” pizzas, and I’m glad we went with the larger one. Between the kids and me, we polished it off. So, we would have been disappointed if we ordered the smaller one.

TennFold Brewing pepperoni pizza

Korean BBQ pizza

Anna absolutely loved the flavors of this Korean BBQ pizza. It features hickory smoked pork, red onions, jalapeños, furikake seasoning, and Korean BBQ sauce. She keeps talking about how amazing this pizza was. I guess we’ll be going back again soon. Happy wife; happy life.

TennFold Brewing Korean BBQ pizza

Beers to go

If you’re just stopping by for take-out or really enjoyed some of the beers you sampled, TennFold Brewing has beers to go. Grab a can or a 6-pack to share with friends… or keep for yourself. We won’t tell your secrets.

Or, you can order a growler (buy one of theirs or bring your own). I brought my GrowlerWerks carbonated growler and filled it with their IPA. Even the brewmaster was impressed with how cool it looked and came out to say hello. Big thanks to my wife for giving me such a wonderful gift. Order yours at Amazon (affiliate link).

And they also sell t-shirts, hats, and other swag to show off your love for their beers.

TennFold Brewing beers to go and t-shirts

Drive-through service at TennFold Brewing

If you’re in a hurry and want some delicious food and drink, but don’t have time to go inside, you can use the TennFold drive-thru. Simply call ahead or order when you get here, and a staff member will come outside with your order.

Does TennFold Brewing belong to Hop Passport?

Hop Passport gives members 50% off their first two beers at participating breweries across the country. Passports are available by state, region, or all of the U.S. You can get a digital version that’s always available on your phone, but I’m old school and love the paperback passport that breweries stamp. It’s a decent substitute for getting my actual passport stamped when I can’t travel internationally.

You can get 20% off your Hop Passport by using the promo code “BALD”.

TennFold Brewing doesn’t participate in Hop Passport (yet). But, we’re working on them by connecting their management with my friends at Hop Passport. Hopefully, they’ll join in time for the next version of the passport.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a brewery that also has amazing food, then TennFold Brewing is the place to go. Instead of basic pub-style food, they offer gourmet dishes that satisfy people who don’t even like beer. This spot is only a short drive away from our house, so we look forward to coming back regularly because they have a variety of dishes that can make everyone in the family happy. And that they have tasty brews on top is a nice bonus.

Frequently asked questions

Does TennFold Brewing offer growlers?

Guests can buy a growler from TennFold or bring their own and have it filled. Growler fills are just $20 and you can choose from any of the TennFold branded beers. Guest brews are not available to fill your growler.

Is TennFold Brewing pet-friendly?

Yes, pets are allowed in the outdoor patio area. During our visit, we saw several guests with dogs. TennFold has dog dishes for water to keep your dog hydrated while you enjoy their food and beer.

Can you bring kids to TennFold Brewing?

Yes, you can bring kids to TennFold Brewing. However, there isn’t a dedicated play area for kids so you should bring something to occupy them during your visit. They don’t have a kid’s menu, but there are dishes that kids will love like fries, pizza, and cheese curds.

Does TennFold Brewing serve food?

Yes, TennFold Brewing has a diverse menu of gourmet food, traditional dishes, and local favorites for you to order. There are appetizers, salads, pizzas, and more to choose from at reasonable prices.


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