Europe’s Spookiest Places, United Changes Boarding Process, Avios Shifts to Revenue Model

United Airlines 737-MAX 9 in the sky
United Airlines 737-MAX 9 in the sky. Photo courtesy of United Airlines.
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Europe’s spookiest places.

Looking to get into the Halloween spirit while traveling through Europe? Check out this list of the spookiest places in Europe that you can visit on your next vacation. Even if you can’t travel during October, many of these destinations have thrills and chills throughout the year.

Under United Airlines’ revamped boarding plan, passengers on the aisle might have to wait awhile.

In an effort to speed up its boarding process, United Airlines is changing the way passengers board its planes. Travelers with window seats will board first, while those sitting in the aisle must wait. Of course, some travelers with elite status, disabilities, or young children will still get to board first.

United Airlines 737-8_Livery
A United 737-8 on the runway. Photo courtesy of United Airlines.

British Airways moves to revenue-based Avios earning.

Getting rewarded for how often you travel or how many miles you go is being replaced by how much you spend. Focusing “loyalty” on the money is a popular trend among airlines. However, it’s bad news for travelers who excel at sniffing out good deals.

An off-duty pilot tried to take control of Alaska Airlines flight before being subdued, source and airline say.

Who knows this guy’s motive, but shutting down the engines mid-flight would have been a disaster. Thankfully, the pilots on duty were able to fend him off and keep the plane in the air. Airlines will definitely change the rules for “jumpseat” travelers after this incident.

7 things you need to know about duty-free shopping.

If you’ve traveled internationally, you’re probably familiar with advertisements for duty-free shopping. But, do you really know what that means and how it can benefit you? Keep in mind that there are limits to what you can buy. Plus, prices aren’t necessarily cheaper than what you can find back home.

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